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Charles Harkins
« on: December 10, 2019, 01:08:22 PM »
Name: Charles Harkins
Nickname: Charlie
Apparent Age: Early to mid 20s, maybe
Occupation: ??

Face claim: Tom hardy

Charlie's about 6' even, with dark brown hair that's just long enough to be pulled back into a messy paintbrush ponytail. His skin is white, paler than one would expect from a big guy with a certain level of athleticism. He also generally has a five o'clock shadow.

His face is square-jawed and strong, a classic 'all-American' look, except for his mouth which is almost excessively full.  His eyes are gold, rimmed with a very dark ring. His build is broad-shouldered with heavy arms, very clearly the body of someone who spends an awful lot of time working out. He wears dark colors, fitted shirts and comfortable pants, heavy jackets that hide the strangely crooked shape of his shoulders.

Charlie is angry, stoic and stubborn; he has a lot of frustration and negative emotions that he keeps carefully under wraps...but when he bursts, it's frequently disastrous.

There is something birdlike about his eyes, his features, even the way he cocks his head. Not a friendly songbird but a bird of prey, staring at you a little too long, ready to take you down if needs be. His expression can go flat and unreadable, dangerously still, a mask that gives nothing away.