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Lissa Rivera
« on: October 24, 2019, 02:46:35 PM »
Name: Elizabeth Rivera
Nickname: Lissa, Liss
Apparent Age: Early 30s
Occupation: Bodyguard

5'8", stocky and fit, with a long mane of unruly dark auburn hair, she looks like she was born for freckles but bleached by her vampirism. She has bright smiling brown eyes that seem like they're up to something and a toothy grin, hardly putting the effort in to keep her inhuman nature a secret. Whatever she's wearing, she always looks at home, be it tactical gear or a slinky glittery gown, though on her days off she prefers warm colors, leather and furs.

Lissa's a big-hearted woman with an easy smile, a hearty laugh, and a penchant for mischief. Independent and curious, she has a habit for putting her nose in places it doesn't belong, be it forbidden towers or off-limits backstage areas or other people's private lives. There's never been a closed door that Lissa respected, and she has the tendency to steamroll other softer personalities in her own thirst to see and touch everything. A hedonist and a player, she enjoys the finest things life has to offer, and she's willing to set morals aside to have access to the things that she wants. She makes connections quickly but not deeply, and only keeps her loyalty to a small list of people close to her heart. Though she isn't the slightest bit shamed of her own vampirism, she refuses to turn anyone else, and the reason she gives people changes every time they ask. The thing she fears most is being caged, so she does her best not to want anything she couldn't obtain by her own power.

A big cat at rest and lounging, summer campfire smoke, the warmth of a sunburn. Lissa's warm, but she isn't gentle, and there's a certain element of ironic self-destruction in a vampire who feels and acts so fiery and feral.  She seems up to any challenge, like if you revved at her from a stoplight she'd be down for a race, but no so invested to feel jilted when she inevitably lost. If she's after you, it's nothing personal--she just wants her life more than you want yours, clearly.