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Alcine Winter
« on: October 24, 2019, 02:25:24 PM »
Name: Alcine Winter
Nickname: none yet
Apparent Age: Early-mid 20s
Occupation: Clerical assistant

Alcine looks like a tree thats shed its leaves for fall--tall, spindly, and desaturated. Her skin is pale and almost paper-like in texture, her flat hair the faded yellow of old pages, her eyes grey and downcast in a way that is tired, but not sleepy. She wears little round spectacles on a sharp nose that is just a bit too big for her face, and she only ever wears work clothing, crisp button-ups and trim pencil skirts with flats, always flats. No matter how new the clothes, she manages to always look antiquated, like something just misplaced in time. Alcine looks and carries herself like she's fragile, like one wrong stumble would cause her to break.

Alcine is quiet, self-sufficient, and prefers her own company, often shrinking away from crowded events or loud people. Her knowledge is encycolpedic, and she's happiest when asked questions about a topic she knows about, but it takes work to bring her out of her shell and get her to speak at length. Mushrooms and fungi are of special interest to her, the things that thrive away from the sun and in deep, dark caves, untended by anything--she feels a certain kinship with them, if she allows herself to admit it. A shrinking violet and a bit of a pushover, it's difficult for Alcine to stand up for herself if someone applies peer pressure, but she's more likely to avoid the confrontation than to give in to demands. The one thing she does know is that she will never allow herself to be taken to fae again--and under that wilting exterior is someone ruthless and exacting, if pushed.

Mildew, decay, the hollow feeling of a building that's long since been abandoned.  On the surface, she seems fragile--those with more intuitive talents may recognize that she's poison and rot underneath. She's certainly not human, but plays one by day--those who have dealings with the fae might recognize her as marked by the Winter Court, hence her last name--not a fae herself, but someone taken and so warped by proximity to fae magic that it still lingers in her bones.