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Cillian (Kelly) McGrath

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Cillian (Kelly) McGrath
« on: October 22, 2019, 01:12:54 PM »
Name: Cillian McGrath
Nickname: Kelly
Apparent Age: Mid-thirties
Occupation: Owns a magic/tea shop on the waterfront.

fc: pre-50-shades Jamie Dornan

Average height, slim and lean, his face is somewhat long and square of jaw, emphasized by a closely-trimmed, somewhat scruffy dark beard. His hair is a light brown, curling over the tips of his ears and brushed back out of bluegreen eyes. His eyebrows are sharp, low over his eyes, and his features by nature are focused and intense, masculine. He dresses, generally, in battered dark-wash jeans and well-fitted collared shirts/vests, leather jackets, and shoes without laces.

Kelly is, by nature, a loner. He has friends, here and there, but he has always [and probably will always] live alone. In general, it won't occur to him to go to other people with problems, nor to help others unless they ask. It's not that he's not altruistic, because the second someone does ask, he's there in a heartbeat to handle whatever problem they might have. He just likes to be asked.

His sense of humor is dry in a way that sometimes people don't understand, deadpan other than an amused arch of eyebrow. People assume he would be, but he is not particularly patient; it's not that he's in a rush to get things done, not really, but more due to the fact that he expects people to know more than they do, and doesn't like having to explain details.

There's a little Irish in his accent; he has a serious calm that usually only comes with age.