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cin's plots
« on: October 05, 2019, 02:30:01 AM »
Please feel free to ping me about anyone, seriously. I have a few very loose ideas but if anyone would fit into a plot or if you want to work something out please feel free to offer up, or if you want to work something else out that would be great!

Elliott Fox - Thief that can never get caught, except by his lover Grayson.
Plot Ideas: A job, something to steal for someone, maybe goes a bit wrong and people are burned.

Torrin Lynch - Medical examiner and sarcastic jerk.
Plot Ideas: Work colleagues.

Crin Basarab - Deals in black market affairs, murder, and anything else that is pretty questionable including trading people as food.
Plot Ideas: Opponents? Him causing trouble for someone.

Avery Keane - Fae mix, terrified of most things magic due to his upbringing despite what he is. Has interest in Tucker.
Plot Ideas: Running into more magic trouble, even if its stumbling into it by mistake.

Rhys Ward - Undead, not entirely sure how or way but spends most of time digging up information on others and partying.
Plot Ideas: Maybe a necro, some sort of hint to why he can't die.

Morrigan Dreigiau - Witch, runs her mom's coffee shop when she isn't balancing school and odd work for anyone who needs a few potions or things here and there. Think of her more oldschool with a hint of voodoo like.
Plot: Could use a few friends.

Zafir Inanna - Incubus prince, has a bodyguard named Courtland that sticks close to him at times due to trouble with the family.
Plot: Needs a few lovers here and there, people who don't mind no strings attached methods.

Mason Reed - Half blood who dabbles in magic, does any sort of odd magic job that makes him money. A lot of interest in Ty who he has offered to help. Has a twin sister who can change other people's appearances and hasn't told him she is part of an assassination organization.
Plot: Problems, more problems please.

Sidney Laurent - Currently under Eli's care at SWBP, formerly assassin who worked with Vivi until he turned on the organization.
Plot: Maybe a few used to be friends from his past? Possible mark?