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cin's plots
« on: October 05, 2019, 02:30:01 AM »
IDK anymore? Surprise me.

Tyler - Botany grad  student, seems to be into camping/plants/nature anything that has to do with being outside. He seems to have a knack with the weather, and tries to avoid getting close to anyone. Atm he is self medicated in dealing with finding his roommate brutally murdered in their apartment. Keeps having weird dreams and has odd gaps in his memory, like ending up in places he doesn't remember going to or how he got there.

Lavi - Freelance bounty hunter and used to dealing with a lot of trouble. While he tends to be rather gruff on the outside, and unforgiving to those who tend to be rather high and mighty or selfish he tends to lend a hand to those who desperately need it. Sugar-coating isn’t something he does so be prepared for him to tell things bluntly if not rather rudely at times, and would rather put people back on their feet then constantly babysit them forever. Lavi tends to believe that most of the world has gone to hell but somewhere there might be a faint light of hope of something marginally decent.

Has a bit of unfortunate past in some sort of battle/war, can have a few old acquaintances that know him from his former days of war. Was someone who wouldn’t go down in a fight and known for being vicious so someone looking for payback is good too.
Previous drug problems, something to come back to bite him.

Current Plot: On a bounty trail of Faeren, a shifter accused of murder. (Regal)

Torrin Lynch - Torrin works as a SWBP medical examiner and part time necromancer, which tends to lend himself when being handed bodies with spirits still attached to them. He tends to be live by facts and has a hard time relating to other people's emotions or having to deal with things that don’t involve his realm of expertise. Necromancing is a family business, and he has spent his entire life living with things that are there and not there for most, even those who are a part of the Veil. He is one of the few people who for a steep price can get you into the World of the Dead if you are in desperate need of something. Be warned he is not sympathetic and will keep his end of the bargain by all means necessary.

Any help any co-workers may or may not need, if they want some background or information on someone’s passing.
Someone wanting someone from the underworld, or needing to clear up something in the past.

Current Plot: Aiding Detective Williams on a case involving a curse being passed and killing various people. (Regal)

Crin Basarab - Deals in black market affairs, murder, and anything else that is pretty questionable including trading people as food. He is someone who would rip his entire operation apart, kill everyone that was a part of it and raise it from the ground again. He is usually accompanied by a half cherub angel named Lucas and his cousin Avar who is a dark mage of sorts.

Crin is mostly there to fill any sort of villain role, he has no issue killing anyone out of fun or spite and tends to run or be a part of any sort of drug and human trafficking syndicates.

Avery Keane - Fae mix, terrified of most things magic due to his upbringing despite what he is. Avery has had a terrible past and while he is trying to pick himself up from it he is worried something is still out there to get him for it. Has interest in Tucker and hopes to make it last as long as he can before shit hits the fan.

Lost most of his protection spells, puts him at risk for someone who wants payback from what his father did or from what his mom has done in the past.

Rhys Ward - Undead, not entirely sure how or way but spends most of time digging up information on others and partying. He has no idea why he is a member of the undead and has only spent a few years seeing past the Veil. While he is undead, it is not a zombie, he has at least been able to rule that it is some sort of magical state where his body resets after a certain point or time and while that is great for doing things like drugs it sucks waking up places like the morgue.

Rhys is great at digging up information on others, he can be used as a plot piece in getting information for someone
He has no idea what has happened to him, why his body keeps resetting so someone with a clue, someone who can help him find out why. Maybe someone knowledgeable in artifacts or the undead.