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Bee plots!

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Bee plots!
« on: September 11, 2019, 10:44:32 PM »
Ezekiel Young -- A marine biology major on his way to earning his doctorate, as well as a TA for Bio 1.  Zeke is in his mid twenties, comes off as studious and inquisitive, and seems capable of getting along with everyone.  Despite that, he tends to be a bit of a workaholic, or perhaps shows introverted tendencies.  He's also from a very very long line of vampire hunters, the Young name can, in certain circles, be notorious for it, but Zeke gives the impression of a normal human who is completely unaware of the supernatural aspects of the world around him.  In reality the veil had never been a thing for him, he's been taught about vampires and, to an extent, other nonhumans for the majority of his childhood and adolescent life.  Back at the beginning of the year his best friend was murdered by a vampire, and he's been searching for the bastard ever sense, with the help of Ever.  Very recently, after a long diving trip, Zeke was in a very bad car accident that should have killed him but didn't.  In fact, he not only recovered, he did so quicker than he should have, and has developed strength and a few other less beneficial quirks.

Good for:  School interactions, tutoring, being charming, having his family name recognized, creeping sensitive people out with his possession.

Could use:  Possibly more friends.  People he could accidentally hurt if/when he loses control of whatever magic is riding him.  People that can help him control what's happening to him, or give him information about 'healing' vampires.

Fletcher Lewis -- Former bassist for the hit band Tuck Fhis, Fletcher had fallen into a deep spiral of depression and drug use after the band broke up unexpectedly, and Fletcher lost both the music and the people he loved all in one fell swoop.  The partying lasted  for a number of months and very likely would have lead to a very tragic end until Rowan found him at Beau's fateful warehouse party.  After spending a month or so looking for the mysterious man Fletcher now has a contract with a fae prince and seems quite infatuated.  He's got a very addictive and co-dependent personality, but an extremely good ear for music, and a natural talent for picking up instruments and composing.  When he plays or sings it draws the attention, elicits emotions, almost like magic, though he seems completely human.

Good for: Random interactions all over the city while he works through a list of places to visit.  Being recognized for either being in Tuck Fhis, or being seen around town with Rowan.   

Could use:  People from the past, dealers or acquaintances, coming back to find out where he's been.  Fae poking at him because they've seen him with Rowan or recognize his pin on Fletcher's shirt.

Tucker Williams -- A junior at Tearmann University.  All Tucker wanted to do was keep his head down, play soccer, and get through school without drawing too much attention to himself.  Instead he's been manipulated by his art teacher to steal a magical artifact for him, but for a number of varying reasons Tuck refuses to give the item to Rabi, and now they're in a stalemate.  He's an anxious kid that will not willingly speak about his past, and can come off as sullen and skittish.  He is 100% human, but anyone sensitive can get a sense of something magical off him at all times.  Very recently he met Avery, and seems cautiously optimistic about where things are going.

Good for:  Student interactions around campus.  People sensing the subtle magic coming off him and trying to figure out what's up with him.

Could use:  Not entirely sure at this point, but i'm open to ideas!

Beanna -- Beanna is tall, elegant, beautiful, and refined, but prolonged time spent in her presence can leave a person feeling incredibly anxious or uncomfortable, perhaps even frightened.  She's a noble from the Sluagh Court, and despite her appearance she is 100% unseelie sidhe.  Usually she stays in the UK preforming diplomatic duties to maintain peace between various fae courts, but currently she's in town to investigate the murder of a young noble from her court.  Working with Corbin.

Good for:  Making people squirm.

Could use:  Acquaintances or lovers while she's in town.  A lead on the one responsible for Slate's death.  To run across someone using or selling the strain of highly potent drugs Slate and Juniper were developing.

Zhilan -- The young(seeming) head of the Bái liánhuā (White Lotus) Trading Company that is secretly, but not so secretly, a drug operation and purveyor of black market goods and services.  Outwardly she comes off as a very ambitious and shrewd business woman, but in reality she's ruthless and quite cutthroat.  Rumor has it she killed the previous head of the company and that's how she took control, but it's unwise to relay such suspicions to her face.  He domain is a vast marketplace where one could find anything from rare artifacts to drugs, to company, and everything in between. 

Good for: Giving other dealers a hard time and trying to scare them off.  Threatening people.  Providing really potent narcotics to humans and nonhumans alike.

Could use:  Flunkies of all sorts.  Someone under her employment that could have preformed the hit on Slate.  Lovers.  Enemies.  Rivals.

William Shepard -- SWPB officer currently keeping tabs on Beau Eastoft.  He's a powerful touch clairvoyant that goes nowhere without gloves.  He comes off as incredibly ambitious and driven, usually fairly no-nonsense and dry, but every so often his sense of humor peeks through.  He's worked for everything he has, and doesn't bother to hide his disdain for the rich and entitled  inhabiting the city.  First impressions are of a very honest officer that seems impervious to bribes or manipulations,  but how true is that really?

Good for: All your SWBP needs.

Could use: More interactions with other SWBP agents.  To accidentally learn something he shouldn't or doesn't want to know through his clairvoyance.   

Warrick "Val" Valentine --  Val, sometimes known as Valerie, is bright, friendly, and flamboyant.  He's a man of many talents and many callings.  Primarily among them, the man is an above average magician who works half the week as a bartender, and fills his free time making charms or selling drugs.  He's a member of the Bái liánhuā (White Lotus) Trading Company and carries their mark on the inside of one wrist, and through that connection he's got the hook up on some of the finest narcotics coming into the city.  At the moment he's playing host and house with recent escapee Charlie Harkins who just happened to wander into the club Val works at one afternoon while the bartender was doing inventory.  He's still trying to suss out and untangle the other man's awful past, while doing what he can to help him adapt to life in the city.

Good for:  Club Rps, drug deals, gang rivalries, charm making, or flirtations.  He's sort of a seedy jack-of-all-trades, and can fill many roles.

Could use: People asking around for Charlie (Poke blue about filling a role from his past!), trouble from the rival syndicate group in the city.

Keiran Greene -- Keiran is short and almost delicate looking for a man, and maybe that contributes to the somewhat prickly and reserved air about him.  He doesn't strive to be the center of attention, and in fact prefers to blend into the background more often than not.  He's a hobgolbin, a lesser Fae in the service of the Sluagh Court in Ireland, though Keiran left the UK almost thirty years ago to be out from under their thumb.  He realized not long after that that he could make a decent living putting his abilities to use as a thief for hire, and enjoys the money he makes from it.  His clothes are designer, his apartment is modern, and his bike is top of the line. 

Good for:  Fae interactions, being hired to steal difficult to obtain items at a high price.

Could use:  Fae interactions, meeting more people in general.


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Re: Bee plots!
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2020, 07:58:10 PM »
RP to-do list

Meet Lissa somewhere

Get hurt somehow




Try to get Beau on as consultant

Move himself and Charlie to the market for safety

Wake up in Percy's bed
Find Kitten
One on one with Kelly
Drive Sanya around the city
Run into Corbin

More with Cooper
Run into Sanya

Fight with Lissa