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« on: July 30, 2019, 12:33:40 PM »
Name: Corbin
Nickname: sometimes, Crow
Apparent Age: late 30s
Occupation: Healer

If he stood up straight, Corbin would be exceptionally tall: six and a half feet tall at least, with long legs and arms and a spindly frame.

But he doesn't. Instead he hunches, and bends in on himself, his form kinked and contorted, the shape of his shoulders under his clothing not quite right. The effect, combined with the prominent planes of his face, the sharp cheekbones and lean nose, the point of his chin and the length of his neck over bony clavicles, the ink black of chin length hair and the washed out grey of his eyes, is inhuman and spidery, enough to make most people uncomfortable.

He dresses all in black, close fitting everywhere but across the shoulders, where loose fabric obscures the unnatural twist of his back.

Impatience sits behind everything Corbin does. He's not cruel, exactly, but his tolerance for anything but exactly proper behavior is roughly zero. He says the right words, but his tone tends toward dry and mocking, his eyes flashing, dark brows pulled down over his eyes.

It's a funny attitude for a healer who also is always willing to put broken people back together again.

Even for a fae, his features are too sharp, his skin too pale.