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Quinlan Boyd
« on: July 09, 2019, 06:26:20 PM »
Nickname: Quinlan Boyd, Quinney, Quinn, Boyd
Apparent Age: Mid twenties
Occupation: Bartender

Once upon a time, Quinney would have been defined as a 'fop' -- in modern days, this translates into a kind of "queer and proud of it!" attitude. About 5'3" and slim, he dresses in bright colors and fitted clothing; dark wash jeans, expensive shoes, rainbow or spiked belts, tight t-shirts short enough that they flash pale stomach when he raises his arms.

His hair is blond with a coppery sheen to it, smooth and straight and falling loose around his face and into eyes that are a muted sort of yellow-green. His skin is peachy cream, his mouth wide and cheerful and prone to bright smiles. He isn't beautiful, not precisely, but he is more than averagely attractive -- it's more charisma than physical, like his appearance and his graceful, easy little movements give away some inner force of being. He seems friendly, cheerful, and likeable.

Around his wrists, Quinlan wears two thick bracelets lined with iron and littered with runes.

Quinney is the epitome of upbeat youth. He seems to think of the glass as half-full, not in a naive sort of way but more with understanding that things will turn around eventually. Of course they will. They always do; he has been around long enough to recognize this.

He is also quite thoroughly a hedonist. His idea of a good life is to live in an expensive apartment, to go out to dinner every night, to go to the theater and out dancing and always be moving and exploring and interacting with other people [both intimately and otherwise]. If he were straight -- or even could pretend to be straight -- people might classify him as a 'playboy', wandering from one place to another, quite happy with his expensive things and fancy dinners and park side apartment with a gorgeous view of the water.

Yet, somehow, he keeps himself from becoming too shallow. Or too vapid, at least; he seems disinclined to enter into standard 'deep' relationships of any sort, possibly because he doesn't enjoy watching people wilt away and die around him. He'd much rather dabble than commit, exploring as much of a person's core as he can in a limited amount of time and then leaving them behind to forget him -- or not, as the case may be.

His bracelets seem to be iron; they seem heavier than they really are.