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« on: July 09, 2019, 10:31:15 AM »
Name: Juniper
Apparent Age: Late teens.
Occupation: No.

Slim and slight, barely five foot two, Juniper looks, acts, and dresses a bit like jailbait. His features are fine and androgynous; with a bit of work, he could easy choose to pass as a girl instead of as a young man, especially with his smooth face, his sharp nose, the heavy lashes that line his eyes. He has his brother's features but softened. Where Rowan's cheeks are sharp, his still hold a bit of baby fat. His eyes are a more muted, sea green. His hair, also fair, holds a bit of a rosy tone to it, and is cropped around his jaw to float wild like a dandelion around his face.

He has embraced human fashion, but he hasn't done it entirely successfully. This means that he mixes band t-shirts and jeans with the finer fae fabrics, layering tattered sweatshirts over intricate green clothing. He wears too many belts, too many bracelets, too many necklaces. He adores sneakers, even with formal wear. He barely even seems to bother blending in with the world around him.

The youngest son, Juniper is used to getting his way, and when he doesn't, isn't afraid to dissolve into hysterics to get it. The fine manners his brothers were taught haven't landed on him: instead, he is impetuous, demanding, casually unkind, and sometimes intentionally cruel. He has no patience.

Of course, he is still young, as his father reminds people often -- affectionately, tired. Everyone acted a bit self-centered when they were young. Just give him time, and he'll grow out of it.

Juniper wants everything around him, and when he demands it, people have a tendency to give in. He is too pretty to be human.