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Fletcher Lewis

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Fletcher Lewis
« on: July 08, 2019, 09:47:28 PM »

Name: Fletcher James Lewis
Nicknames: Fletch, Thrush
Apparent Age: 25
Occupation: Composer, songwriter, musician

FACECLAIM: Machine Gun Kelly, only with red hair and freckles, and minus the expansive tattoos
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 186lbs
Eye Color: Bright sky blue
Hair Color: On the darker orange side of the ginger spectrum.
Hair Style: Buzzed short on the sides and left long on top.  Left artfully messy most often, but occasionally styled back.
Skin Color: Pale, covered in freckles from hairline to feet.  Has a tattoo on his collarbone that reads "I feel it in my bones" with a splash of blue water color behind it.
Physique: Tall and lanky with a sort of awkward grace he's not even aware of.  Toning up after starting to go to the gym regularly.

He seems entirely too sweet to have been a part of an emo punk group for the last few years, but then there's quite a lot to Fletcher that paints him as a very complicated individual.  He's soft spoken and polite, and is very generous, loyal, and attentive to anyone that's managed to grab his full attention.  But he's also co-dependent, clingy, and unexpectedly insecure.  Has the utmost confidence in his music, but falls to doubts and dark places when things get even a little shaky.  He craves attention and validation from the people he cares about most, and has an unfortunate habit of shutting out the rest of the world when he's fixated on someone.

He's also got an addictive personality.  Not just when it comes to narcotics or drinking, but with people as well.  He gets comfortable quickly, forms habits and routines.  And when things go poorly, he'll do whatever he needs to to block everything out and make himself forget about how much he hurts.  He takes things to heart, cries easily, and there's something very fragile about him.

Nothing apparent or obvious until you hear him singing in person.  Then it's a little easier to connect to the music.  The emotions conveyed a little stronger.  Responds strongly to authority, and is easily charmed.


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Re: Fletcher Lewis
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