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« on: July 08, 2019, 09:55:53 PM »
Name: Pine
Apparent Age: Late twenties, maybe thirty.
Occupation: Ambassador

In a world of fae, Pine looks like a beast of a man: six foot four with a square jaw and slightly-curly auburn hair, heavy brows and hazel eyes. In the world of humans, he just looks like a man; muscled but not built, perhaps a bit overly pretty with a soft mouth and an appealing smile.

For a long time, he struggled to blend with the light-boned fae around him. He hid his (human, rounded) ears. He shaved often for baby-smooth skin. In recent days, however, it seems he’s moved to embrace it, in a way that’s half contrary: sporting a closely-cropped beard utterly unlike his brothers, his hair braided back in a messier style than the ornate concoctions that are so common at court.

His clothing, however, is impeccable and of the latest fashion, carefully tailored to fit him perfectly. He opts for bold greens and golds, leaning toward vine and leaf motifs in honor of his family, but with a strong military vibe.

Altogether, it leaves him looking more soldier than fae, out of place – but comfortably so.

At some point in his youth, Pine learned that some of his peers would never like or accept him. Instead of being crushed by it, he decided to view them in the same way: choosing who he likes, making friends or allies where he can and labeling the rest as enemies.

The result is a twofold nature. He knows how to speak, knows the rules of the game, and so when he misspeaks in a way that might insult, his friends know that it was intentional instead of an oversight. He insults with compliments that fall short of the expected, has a smile that can bite into people for its insincerity. False praise that falls from his lips is cold and calculating and leaves its mark. He is never rude, not directly, but he makes his displeasure known in small ways.

Pine is very physical strong, capable, but he also seems fundamentally human. Which is strange, since he's introduced as a prince of the fae.