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« on: July 03, 2019, 09:55:06 PM »
  • Name: Ferris
  • Nicknames: Ferris
  • Age and Birth Date: Looks mid-twenties, young.
  • Occupation: Rowan's bodyguard/chauffeur

About 5'10", Ferris is tall for a girl but average for a man, with an extremely neutral shape -- narrow and straight hips, no butt, flat chest, skinny arms and legs. Sharp around the jaw, Ferris's features are androgynous, sharp of jaw and narrow of mouth, with huge eyes that change color frequently in a baffling and random manner. White-gold hair might be cropped short and masculine, lending a male strength to the line of an otherwise delicate neck, or grown out in a waterfall down over skinny shoulders, leaving Ferris bafflingly soft and feminine. Skin is dark, chocolatey, unblemished.


Ferris is cold: at first near-silence, unwilling to let anyone through, which makes them ideal as a bodyguard. It's hard to bribe or get to someone who doesn't let you get close, and who doesn't much seem to *like* anyone in particular. Ferris can, however, put on whatever face he needs -- literally and emotionally -- which means that there are other personalities that they can pull out if needs be. They're a decent actor, when they need to be, so long as there's no real emotional involvement.

Ferris makes no effort to hide the shift in their features: sometimes more masculine, sometimes less, different colored hair or skin or eyes. They also never lie.