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« on: June 25, 2019, 03:21:46 PM »
Name: Rowan
Nickname: No.
Apparent Age: Mid to late 20s
Occupation: Old Rich

FC: ??. 5'6"

Rowan is pretty like a sword: lean and sharp-edged and dangerous and pristine. His skin is fair and flawless, not marred by so much as a freckle; his cheekbones and sharp and his chin delicately pointed; his mouth is soft and full; his eyes are grass green lined with long, fair lashes; his hair is long and straight and golden blonde, nearly to his waist.

His style suits this. It's modern but elegant; he tends toward suits, but suits with a twist. Perhaps it's a suit in a delicate paisley. Maybe it's jeans threaded through with silver threads. Maybe his t-shirt, carefully tailored, has a splash of green ivy across the front. However, it's never casual, and it's never careless. He puts thought into what he wears, and it always looks perfectly pristine and put together.

He accents it with jewelry, fine silver or gold looped through his ear or adoring his fingers or looped several times around his neck or woven into the complicated plait down his spine. It's always a lot. It's never too much.

Rowan is a young man who's always gotten what he wants, and it shows: not in wild temper tantrums or whining but in the simple way he demands attention and forcefully directs a conversation. He doesn't cringe at the word 'no'; he just works around it.

When he needs to, he can be charming. And when he needs to, he can be ruthless. Most of the time, he's a bit bof both.

Rowan is too pretty to be human. He loves green things, pretty things, and sweet things. He hates cold things and iron.