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Aud Gundersen
« on: May 31, 2019, 10:16:45 PM »
Name: Aud Gundersen
Nickname: Just Aud.
Apparent Age: Late 20s, maybe early 30s.
Occupation: Lounge Owner

Facelaim: Emil Andersson (albeit a little older)
An even six feet tall, Aud is on the thin side of broad with lean muscle, wide shoulders, and a tapered torso that blends into long limbs. Everything about him says 'prim' from his neatly tailored suits to the sharp planes of his face. The most striking part of his appearance is likely a pair of icy blue eyes if only because they are set against snowy skin and long, nearly platinum locks. The overall "fairest of them all" persona is complimented by his tendency towards pale and muted colors; the majority of his closet is not much less 'common' than business casual.

The best description of him is aloof, though not unpleasant. He is simply a man that is hard to anger and one that prefers curiosity and questions to undue violence. Aud enjoys a good conversation, especially about things he finds curious, and is generally willing to share his wealth of knowledge for simple exchanges of the same from others. There is an underlying edge of strength and control in him that is coupled with the respect of his staff to give him an air of superiority at least within the walls of his own properties. It's that same sense of superiority that prevents his relationships with others from becoming more than familiar acquaintances and he seems perfectly alright with that.

Aud always seems to know exactly what is on someone's mind and is surprisingly spry for a stiff, prim man. His skin is a little too cold and his eyes a little too sharp when they stare back, like they're looking at something only he can see.