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Roleplaying Rules
« on: May 24, 2019, 09:44:43 PM »
Once again, as this is a very open RP setting with very limited rules, the possibilities on what you can RP on this forum are very wide. All we ask is that you have permission from the other player before doing anything that might permanently affect their character. Some people might say that they're content with anything you do, which is also acceptable, but make sure that they're cool with your RP before you start it.

In addition, it would be helpful if you would include in your thread title where the RP is taking place and who is participating, so that character and location threads can be more easily followed.

If you'd rather play on Discord or in Google Docs or anywhere else, you're free to do that. If you'd like, then you can paste your RP into a thread to save it -- or you can link it -- or you can just keep it to yourself. It's up to you.