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Ian Gallagher

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Ian Gallagher
« on: April 20, 2020, 09:43:19 PM »
Name: Ian Gallagher
Nickname: Ian
Apparent Age: late 20s, maybe 27
Occupation: Beat Cop

Faceclaim: Sam Claflin

Ian is lanky, around 6' tall, with too-wide features that are attractive but not astounding. His teeth are just a little uneven, his hair a burnished red and his eyes green, extremely Irish. He is freckled, with big hands and long legs and very wide, broad gestures.

He is friendly but flitters like a butterfly from one person to the next, never quite committing to anyone for any length of time. In the moment, he's everyone's big brother, and he'll do everything he can to help -- aside from really committing emotionally, it seems. He smiles a big goofy smile. He'll lend you money. He'll look into a problem for you. But he absolutely never will be the one to call first.

Sometimes he smells like wet dog. He's extremely comfortable naked. He goes out with a lot of bimbos.