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William "Rep" Wolfe

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William "Rep" Wolfe
« on: April 18, 2020, 04:40:59 AM »
Name: William Wolfe
Nickname: Rep
Apparent Age: A fairly grizzled 28
Occupation: Part of a piracy ring and weed seller.

Rep is of average height but feels much much taller thanks to the way he carries himself. He is a muscular lean man with the kind of muscle that would make any gym rat jealous. His hair is vibrantly and brilliantly red, with black striped dyed into it like a tiger. Every inch of his body is covered in freckles and he has a huge jagged scar across the bridge of his very aquiline nose. He has tattoos all across his chest, back and arms and his hair reaches all the way down his back. He typically dresses in sleeveless shirts, denims and ratty old trainers with way too much aftershave in an attempt to cover the scent of animal. For some reason he has an omega scarred onto the back of his hand.


In his shifted form he is a truly enormous tiger striped wolf shaped creature who when injured regenerates at a truly staggering page, with strange twisting growths of flesh that merge into their old shapes.


Rep is unpredictable with a calm veneer on top of a deep, bitter well of violence and aggression. He is someone who feels like he could snap at any moment at all. Meeting new people he either outright hates them or decides to own them and keep them as a "friend" which is also more or less a subordinate. His normal response fully depends on what kind of mood he's in and what he might do one day he might not do another. He is incredibly easy to slight with a delicate ego and a tendency to lash out when wounded. He doesn't have a filter, he doesn't have a sense of self control and generally he comes across as a badly socialised animal, swinging between fear aggression and general aggression. He is promiscuous and homophobic in spite of being fiercely drawn to men and resentful of women which causes no end of confusion.

Generally he's not someone anyone wants to be around very long and you are incredibly unlucky if you end up in his company.

To any kind of supernatural creature Rep is an assault on the senses. Normally smelling very strongly of musk and canine to anyone with a nose, including normal humans, he also has a feeling of suppressed power about him. When he shapeshifts he is truly massive and feels like a very primal sort of chaotic magic, shaped vaguely into the container of a werewolf but something a bit different than most strains. Even when he's a human it is difficult for anyone with keen senses to mistake him for one. The strangest part of him is to creatures finely attuned to magic there is something oddly celestial about his core powers.