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Perseus (Percy) Bell

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Perseus (Percy) Bell
« on: February 06, 2020, 08:57:16 PM »
Name: Perseus Bell
Nickname: Percy
Apparent Age: Late 30-40
Occupation: Layabout

FC: Chad Michael Murray (2019 edition)

Everything about Percy is big, loud, friendly, boisterous: he has a way of dominating a room and dawing eyes to him. Maybe it's his size; at 6'5", he's used to be being the biggest person around, and doesn't try to hide it or cover it up, doesn't slouch or bow his shoulders or duck his head. Maybe it's his frame; broad shouldered and narrow hipped, dressed in preppy boy patterned polos and well fitted pants and expensive shoes. Maybe it's his features; attractive and friendly, square jawed and straight chinned, blue-eyed and blonde with just enough stubble along his jaw to cover up the hint of a cleft in the middle of his chin and just a hint of grey at the temples of swooping, short-cropped hair. Or maybe it's his laugh, bright and ringing, the hint of music in this voice, and the way he seems to remember everyone's name...

Percy seems to be a guy who loves being around other people -- who finds himself most at ease in a room full of people, spinning out a tale which may (or may not) be true. Everything he says is amusing, cheerful, and completely non-personal. Stories, jokes, pop culture. Never anything about himself. Never anything real.

When Percy makes a suggestion, people have a hard time resisting it.