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All stars [Avery/Tucker]

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All stars [Avery/Tucker]
« on: January 26, 2020, 10:42:10 AM »
Getting back on the field regularly after everything that'd been happening in the previous few weeks felt good.  Helped him through the anxiety and restless energy that would otherwise have been creeping in to overwhelm him.  Part of that might have been just being able to get out and move around freely again, but there was something extremely cathartic about getting back into the game he loved playing.

At the moment they were running suicides, sprinting back and forth from one end of the field to gradually further points along the length of it.  They were killer, Tucker was good at them.  The boys with the longer legs started faster, but he had the stamina, and as they slowed he kept going.

He only just caught the bright glimpse of color from the stands as he dipped to smack the line in the grass.  A brief glance, pale features puzzled, and then he was off again.  He was pretty sure maybe he'd seen him before, but couldn't recall when or where.

Bright blue eyes followed as the players ran up and down the field, as Avery slowly let himself get lost in thought. The last few weeks, between his roommate's new girlfriend and the letters he had received, he didn't want to just be sitting around on his bed staring at the ceiling like a rat caught in a corner.

As the whistle blew it drew him back, staring at the figures as they continued to practice, a few of them he had seen around campus, a few he wouldn't mind getting to know.

Tuck slowed into a jog as the whistle blew, head back, and legs feeling just a touch like Jell-O, but he knew better than to stop moving. Jogging slowed to walking, and he pulled the hem of his shirt up to wipe at his face before catching sight of the colorful hair a second time.  He dropped his shirt back into place as he gave the taller boy a longer look, brows drawn thoughtfully before his coach was calling them together so he could wrap up the practice.

Five minutes later and they were being dismissed to the locker room, and baby blues flicked up once again to meet that bright gaze as he headed in to clean up.

Avery was still in the same spot, he had some realization that the practice had ended but he hadn't really considered moving from where he was. Instead he drew his eyes to the figure he had been watching earlier, shorter than the others but he was doing well despite missing a few weeks.

It'd take about ten minutes for Tucker to grab a quicky shower to wash the sweat away, then he'd reemerged from the locker room in a graphic tee and a pair of soccer pants with his bag slung over one shoulder.  Dark hair was a little unruly -- he continuously forgot to bring a comb or brush of any kind -- but he certainly didn't smell like sweat or dirt, which was the point.  He paused as he walked out into the sun, head tipping to the side to flick his gaze across the stands again, looking for the figure that had been there before, unsure whether he hoped he was or wasn't.

He'd seen him watching, it made him a touch uneasy.

He stared, more like a space cadet,  before blinking and realizing he had been staring too much at the dark haired figure down below. Shit... He muttered to himself as he realized there was a gaze directed back at him,  Now not only did he draw a bit of attention but he looked like a freaking creeper.

Raising a hand he tried to brush it off, casually. "Sorry, I was daydreaming.. off into space..."

Half turning, Tucker sank his hands into his pockets.  "Day dreaming earlier too?" It was about as round-about as he could think to ask why he'd been watching earlier.  A few weeks ago Tucker wouldn't have noticed if there'd been people watching in the stands, no one was ever there for him anyways.  Now?  He was just a touch paranoid.

"That and avoiding walking in on my roommate and his girlfriend when they forget what time my practice ends." He folded his arms on his knees as he attempted to put some sort of vague smile on.

"You're a student?"  There was another reason Tucker had a single dorm all to himself.  No awkward walk ins.

He was trying to recall where he might have seen him.  If he had practice, if he was a student, then he was probably on a sports team.  Football maybe?  He had the figure for it.

"Yea." His fingers twitching a bit before glancing towards the fields and back to him. "I'm on the rugby team, or what scramble bit of a rugby team we have."

Rugby made sense.

And with that confirmed Tucker's somewhat chilly disposition thawed.  His brows relaxing, frown fading into a small smile.  Wariness melting away to plain old curiosity.  "Do you watch our practice a lot?"

"Lately yea, takes my mind off of school and junk. Not to mention I try to see if there is any sort of tricks I could use in a rugby match." The tension eased, finally, as he noticed the smile. "If I had any sense I'd try to recruit a few more members to our side."

He cracked a genuine smile.  "How's that going, trying to pick up tricks?"  He had a vague idea of how rugby worked.  It seemed like a mash up between football and soccer, to him, but there was probably more to it.

"Not bad, helps to think outside the box on plays." He shrugged with a loop-sided grin.

It was a nice grin, kind of infectious, easy to return.  And not just a pretty face.  "True enough.  Glad we could help, then."

"You're not bad." Really he wanted to say good but that grin was too good. "How long have you been playing soccer?"

He blinked, like he wasn't used to anyone other than his coaches or his team noticing him.  "Thanks," he said a little hesitantly.  "Uh, since I was seven, or eight maybe."

"Not a chance I could get you to play rugby?" He joked as he got up, slinging his bag over his shoulder before holding out a hand. "Avery."

"I don't think so, I'd rather not get dogpiled on by a bunch of guys roughly the same size as you.  Sounds like it'd hurt." He grinned again, stepping closer to the stands so he could reach up to take the offered hand.  "I'm Tucker.”

"Nice to have a name to the face." He gave a firm shake, calloused fingertips that felt strange to the touch. "That’s the fun of the sport."

A dark brow arched at that, lips twitching up in the corners, again, like he wasn't quite used to the attention.  It distracted from Tucker noticing anything about the handshake other than the strength in his hand.  "Getting hurt is the fun part?"  He said it skeptically, amused, gaze on the band-aid across his nose.

"For me yea, but then again it could just be a cheap way to burn out anger when I need to." He gave a wide grin as he finally stepped down to the ground.

He was taller than he'd seemed while standing up on the bleachers.  Tucker had to tip his head up to meet that bright gaze.  "Sports are good for that," he agreed easily.  "What year are you in?"

"Start of Junior year. You?" He pulled the strap higher up on his shoulder as he slowly started to head towards the dining hall.

It was easy to follow, to fall into step beside the taller boy.  He had to head that way anyways.  "Me too."

"What major?" He rose a brow, maybe he had seen him around on the campus but knowing him he was trying to keep his head down doing so.

"Economics," he answered with a shrug, fully aware it wasn't the most glamorous of majors.  "You?"

"International studies and German." It was a lot but so far he had found they sort of went hand in hand, sort of.

He turned wide eyes up to the tall boy beside him.  It was a more impressive field of study than Tucker was pursuing, for sure.  But Tuck hadn't known what he'd wanted to do.  "Third year German,  I'm assuming?"

"Yea, I mean I knew German before starting, and a few other languages." He shrugged as he gave a somewhat shy smile at the compliment.

"Really?"  More impressed, head tipping as he gave the big guy a considering look.  "From high school, or something?  And what other languages?"

"Sort of, home schooling mostly." He sort of shrugged it off a bit. "My mom knew a lot of languages."

His chin dipped in a small nod.  "Fluent in anything else?"

"French, Spanish, and my Italian isn’t too bad. I learned a little Manadarin and Japanese but its not really worth the attempt to speak to someone else." He scratched at his cheek at the bandaid there.

"Shit."  He could barely stumble through basic Spanish.  "That's...ha, really impressive."  An almost nervous chuckle followed, Tuck dragging his hands from his pockets to sweep them back through messy hair before kneading his fingers at the back of his neck.  "I feel a bit outclassed."

He chuckled and gave a shrug. "My mom drilled the languages into my brain, so really it's just a lot of practice. Nothing special."

There was still that sense of inadequacy, and maybe a little envy, not that he let the latter show.  "Useful to have, though."

"It was, so I figured I would just keep learning it and maybe make some semblance of a job." He glanced at him.

He pressed his thumbs into the muscles between shoulders and spine to loosen them up a little.  He'd been all knotted up for well over a week now.  It didn't bother him during practice or games, but after, or in class, he felt stiff.  "That's the sort of thing that seems pretty high-demand."

"Yea, at least I don't have to struggle for a job later, though economics is good.  Math really isn't something I have a handle on." He eyed him, watching him trying to loosen his back up. "Tense?"

"I like math."  It was idle, absent almost, wincing just a bit as he pushed awkwardly against a tight knot.  "Yeah, a bit.  I think I might have slept funny."

"I could help with that." He said idly as he scanned the campus ahead.

He flicked his eyes up to him again, trying to read past that idle offer.  "What do you mean?"

"Something I used to do to help ease back pain." He shrugged not wanting to make it sound weirder, it was more of a sports thing really.

His hands lowered slowly, brows twitching.  "What sort of a thing?"  He definitely didn't sound put off.

"Massage, rub down a bit." He held up his hands, just in case. "We sometimes do it in rugby after a couple of rough hits or being at the bottom of a dog pile."

He opened his mouth, closed it, baby blues sliding down along broad shoulders and muscled arms before he had to look away altogether as he felt warmth starting to raise up in his cheeks.  "D-do you go around offering to massage all the soccer players you chat with?"

"No, just to teammates really." He shoved the heat down his throat at what he said.

He wasn't sure if that cleared things up or just made it more confusing.  Pale features were thoughtful, and there was a longish moment of consideration before he glanced back up again, just long enough to see Avery's face before he answered.  "Sure, alright."

Avery nodded, a hint of a smirk on his lips at at least not getting punched in the gut for his words. "I would suggest the locker room but that means turning back, but my roommate is not someone you want to run into."

"We could go back, unless you were heading this way to get something to eat."  A hand came up to adjust the strap on his bag so it wasn't digging quite as sharply.  "You're roommate a dick?"

"A little hungry yea, but I can wait." He grinned as he nodded. "Very, my fault for trying to be cheapish."

"I could eat."  Practices usually left him pretty hungry.  "Could grab something portable, eat on the way back."

"Sounds like a plan to me." At least he wouldn't have to ignore his stomach longer.

Tucker smiled as a plan was agreed upon, but didn't say anything for a moment.  Instead, he kept his eyes on the path they were walking.  "Your roommate bigger than you or something?  Couldn't you just pin him to floor if he was being shitty?"  He grabbed for the handle of the mess hall door as they reached it, hauling it open.

"Nah, a bit smaller but if I pined him to the floor he is likely to spit in my face and say something about it." He shrugged a bit. "Plus I'd have to deal with his passive bullshitness the rest of the year."

He wrinkled his nose, holding the door for Avery before following him inside.  "That sucks.  Are you in a dorm, or an apartment?"

"Dorm, I am hoping to get out of it at the end of the term." He slipped past him into the bustle of the cafeteria hall.


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Re: Charmed [Avery/Tucker]
« Reply #1 on: January 26, 2020, 10:45:38 AM »
"Which building?"  They were the same year, it'd make sense if they were in the same building.

"Winburn." He looked around for the shortest line on food.

Tuck followed, falling into line just behind him.  "That's my building, too.  Second floor."  Maybe that's where he'd seen him before.

Then he frowned, remembering tearing through the hall at an all out sprint while an angry looking man chased after him.  He didn't recall passing anyone as he ran...

"Oh, I am on the third, maybe I've passed you on the stairs?" He shrugged it off as if not concerned, ambling forward in the line to the trays.

"It's possible."  He'd make a point to watch for Avery in the halls now.  Tall, good looking, bright hair -- he stood out a bit.  Tucker stayed with him in line.

Taking his tray he picked out some food, mostly meat with a sprinkling of something healthy. "Do you do anything besides sports?"

Tucker grabbed a sandwich, and a  bag of chips.  He was looking over fruit choices as he mulled over the question with a thoughtful hum.  "Art.  I draw a lot in my free time."  Of which he had plenty.  "Mostly sketching."

"Oh?" He was amused grabbing a pudding cup. "Change from economics."

"Yeah, well."  He grabbed an apple, moving down the line further.  "Economics is safer than majoring in art.  That's a fickle job market."

"True, and rather have a job then none." Money was something he could understand.

"Yeah.  I didn't want to run the risk of not finding anything and having to struggle."  He shrugged.  It was all very logical, but it was obvious that was why he'd gone that direction.

"I get it, I made sure mine made money too." He headed to the cashiers to pay.

He pulled his wallet out as he balanced his tray on one hand and slid up to the next available register to pay.  After he found a table, but only so he could transfer the chips and the apple to his bag, and wrap the sandwich up so it'd be easy to handle while they walked back.  "Do you want to stop at the dorms and drop off the bags before going back to the, uh.  Lockers."  He didn't look up, cheeks a little pink.

"Sure." He had stuffed his own food into a box and readjusted his bag.

Bag readjusted and sandwich in hand he headed for the door.  The dorms weren't far, but far enough for Tucker to finish off his sandwich, at least.  Which...didn't take long.  He ate at the pace of any hungry college guy.  When his hands were free again he tucked them back into his pockets, pale features thoughtful as he glanced sidelong up at the taller boy.

Avery was used to eating and walking so he dived into the styrofoam box without much of a word. When he was done he chucked it in the trash can and downed some more water.

Tucker grabbed the door again, thoughtlessly, and held it for Avery to slip through as well and then headed for the  stairs.  "I'll drop this then meet you," he started, head tipping as he considered.  "Stairwell?"

He slid past him and got the door to the stairwell. "Sounds like a plan see you in five."

Tucker was quick.  He lingered in his room long enough to toss his dirty clothes from practice in his hamper and grab the apple from his bag, and then made his way back to the stairs to wait.  Back against the railing, he took a bite, head tipped back against the wall to keep an eye on the third floor landing as he chewed.  Still not entirely sure he had a grasp of what was actually going on, but hoping maybe he did.

Avery looked around the room, his roommate had conveniently vanished, or at least somewhere that wasn't anywhere in his line of sight. Heading to the stairs he leaned over the railing. "Tucker?"

Apple halfway to his lips, mouth open, he paused to blink up as Avery appeared again.  "Yeah?"

"My roommate is out if you want to come up?" He rose his brows.

Dark brows arched, but he pushed off from the rail.  "Sure.  That's convenient." Taking another bite, he went up.

"Hey if I don't have to see him it makes my day better." He shrugged as he held the door.

"He sounds like a real winner," he tossed back jokingly as he walked past him into the dorm, gaze skipping around curiously.

"I don't think he'll last." He shrugged, letting the door shut behind him.

"You think he'll drop out or fail?"  Hey quirked a brow, taking a last bite of his apple before looking around for a bin to toss the core in.  "Garbage?"

"Either-or.  Either he'll fail for not going to class or quit altogether." He nodded to the sink. "Underneath."

He murmured a thanks as he walked over to throw the apple away.  "That's such a waste, but at least you'd be rid of him."  He chuckled as he said it, and now that his hands were free he had to fight not to fidget.  He slid his palms along the sides of his thighs as he walked back, head tipping as he looked up at Avery.

"I won't complain, I get a feeling he's in it for the loan check." He watched him, bright blue eyes looking down. "I would say you can lay on the couch but probably not safe so you'll have to make do with my bed."

No pretenses, then.  Tuck glanced towards the door with Avery's name on it and moved towards it.  "So, uh.  Shirt on or..?"  He rubbed at his cheek, trying to rub away the color he knew was there.

Avery followed. "Shirt off."

He'd hesitate for a long moment before curling his fingers around the hem of his shirt, but it'd be almost immediately obvious why as he pulled it up over his head.  He was lean and fit, not cut but bordering on defined.  But there were scars, small and round, almost a dozen.  They were scattered randomly, along with a few smaller, thinner scars.  All of them old.

Avery's blue eyes glanced over him, noting the scars but not saying anything about them or even letting his eyes linger too long, he knew the feeling. Instead he pulled the comforter tighter across the bed as if to make it even neater.

Tucker waited for Avery to fuss with the blanket before crawling up and sliding slowly onto his stomach, arms folding under his head.  There was no pretending he wasn't flushed now, it'd spread down his neck and over his shoulders.  Again, he hoped he wasn't reading too deeply into this.  Head turning to lay his cheek on his arm, he rolled his eyes up to Avery again, trying to read his expression.  Looking for interest, or disinterest.  Something.

Avery pulled his shoes off before setting a knee on the bed, and then another as if to straddle him a bit. "Sorry, you ok still?"

"Yeah, you're good.  I'm okay."  As Avery moved out of his field of vision he turned his head back to rest his brow on his arms.

He ran his fingers down his back to follow his spine as if to trace it before putting his palm flat down between his shoulder blades and pressed to pop a little of the tension out.

It'd make him shiver, which made the blush worse, because it was a very obvious reaction.  But he took in a breath as Avery pressed, and his shoulders relaxed as he released it.

Avery smirked a bit to himself before trailing his fingers down, a little lower, to put pressure to pop again.

Every press got a series of pops.  He'd been carrying a lot of tension.  For the most part he was quiet, only the slight intake of breath with each press.

Avery continued a few times either a little higher or lower until he felt satisfied that most of the tension there was relieved. From there he started to move his thumbs in slow, deep motions to rub the muscles out.

He bit back most of a satisfied groan as thumbs pressed into his muscles, and he ducked his head a little more, stretching his neck out to make it easier.

Avery smirked to himself at the noise as he continued, working along his shoulder blades and up.

It'd have him shifting his arms, head lowering to the bed instead as he slid his arms further down so Avery could reach his shoulders better.  It felt amazing, but that was hardly surprising with how many knots the larger boy would find.  But Avery's hands were large and warm, and he had no control of the goosebumps that flowed over his skin in response.

Avery had done this enough times to know how to keep any signs of arousal from being noticed but he had a sense Tucker in some way was appreciating it. He kept an even pressure, letting his fingers work each knot out before shifting to the next one.

The lingering color was probably proof enough that he did appreciate it.  He stayed quiet, beyond the odd soft wince when Avery started on a new knot, when it was still super tender, but he was trying very hard to keep a handle on the moans and groans that kept crawling up his throat.

"You still ok?" He asked in a lower voice as he started to move down his back.

He'd nod, having to clear his throat before actually answering.  "Yeah, th-that feels good."

"Feeling better?"  He continued to move lower, not at all in an attempt to tease.

Another nod, and Tucker pulled his arms in closer, back moving under Avery's hands as he worked lower.

He got as low as to the edge of his pants before working a little bit up.

His back arched, he couldn't quite help it, and pale fingers curled just slightly into the comforter.  This time he couldn't quite help an appreciative hum.

Avery let his fingers slide down slipping a little below the line.

That'd make Tucker go still, but if he'd still been unsure of whether or not Avery was interested, he wasn't now.

He didn't go too far, not wanting to freak him out if he had no interest.

Tuck pulled in a slow breath, let it go slower, and relaxed under the firm press of those warm hands.  He half turned his head, just enough to look back at the taller boy.

"Want me to get up?" Blue eyes gazed at him with interest.

He licked at his lower lip, shaking his head before laying his cheek on the bed.

"Mmm, more of a massage or.." He ran his fingers up his back, tilting a bit.

Again he'd shiver, eyes closing briefly before he looked back up at him.  "What else did you have in mind?"

"Something a little more physical." He dragged his fingers down, testing.

He made a small sound, eyes closing again with the rush of goosebumps that followed the stroke of Avery's finger.  After a moment he rose up to rest on his elbows, head tipped up and to the side.

Hesitantly he leaned forward, pressing a kiss on his shoulder.

He tilted his head as lips brushed his shoulder, eyes half lidded.  "Are you looking for something potentially lasting, or more of a one time sort of deal..?"  He almost hadn't asked, because if it was the latter that'd be disappointing.  Not a hard no, but disappointing.

"Lasting would be nice, considering proximity, but I would understand if you have no interest in it. Won't offend me." He replied with his lips brushing his skin.

Swallowing, he turned his head until his cheek brushed Avery's temple.  He wasn't worried about the blush now, not now that he knew he wasn't reading the situation wrong.  "Why me?"  There were other boys on the soccer team, taller, more built, less awkward.

"I like people who are good at what they do, and like I said, despite your size you were better than the others." It was a bit shallow, but usually he found people that dedicated had reasons, like him.

Another small sound, and he turned his head to brush his lips against Avery's eyes closed, brows creased.

He pressed a tentative kiss to his lips, and again a little more eager.

Tuck gave a soft hum at the second kiss, lips parting in a subtle invitation to make it deeper.

He deepened it, letting his tongue slip past as his hands skimmed his skin again.

He opened his mouth wider, pressed his tongue back against Avery's, tentative at first, and then more sure as he felt the warmth of those strong hands on his back again.

His hands roamed, touching every part of his bare skin as he continued to explore his mouth generously.

Tuck sighed against Avery's mouth, hands curling in the blanket, and a part of him wanted to turn, wanted to be able to reach other boy as well, but there was something about not being able to.

He nipped tentatively at his lower lip, giving him a moment to catch his breath before moving down his jaw.

It'd make his breath hitch, pull a small sound from him that was almost protest as Avery started to work his way down, but it quieted.

He continued, alternating between kisses and nips along his shoulders and then to his back.

He felt a little dazed, had to catch his breath as Avery worked lips and teeth down his shoulder and around.  He ducked his head, catching his lip between his teeth, and his hips shifted beneath the taller boy's frame.

He continued down, teasing a bit as his hands slid to hem of his pants, fingertips pressing into his hips.

"Shit..."  It was soft, breathy, and the press of fingertips into his hips had him arching back into it before he lowered back to lay against the bed.  "Let me roll over?"

Avery chuckled and moved to get off the bed. "Of course."

He hadn't wanted him to get off completely, and as he rolled onto his side he looked back up at him, his hand drifting down to adjust the front of his pants, and the contents of his pocket.  "You didn't have to go that far."

"I thought it would be easier on you." He put a knee on the bed, leaning down to kiss his lips.

Tucker reached out to curl his fingers into the front of Avery's shirt, pulling softly even as he leaned in again, and he tipped his head up for the kiss as he rolled onto his back.  He could touch him now, slide his free hand up along the length of a muscled arm, over the broad curve of his shoulder to the side of his neck.  So out of his league, and it'd been him Avery had wanted to meet.

He deepened the kiss, his hands trailing down now to his stomach, to his hips.

There were a few burns and other scars on the front as well, but he didn't shy away from the stroke of tanned hands along his stomach.  He curled his hand along the back of Avery's neck, fingers sliding up into that bright, unusual hair, curling gently so he was holding, but not pulling.  His lips parted easily, and he slid his tongue against Avery's, head tipping.

His fingers twirled, not treating the scars any differently than the rest of him, instead they memorized it. He sucked on his tongue more eager than before.

Tuck pulled at the front of his shirt again to draw him closer still before smoothing that hand along his side to his back, exploring the way the taller boy felt under the tee shirt.  He moaned softly into the kiss before drawing back enough that he could catch his breath, attempt to gather his bearings.  "God, you're hot," he managed breathlessly, admiringly, as he looked up at him.

He would feel toned muscles and scars scattered across his skin under the shirt, none uniformed and most either patches or long jagged ones.  Watching him under blue eyes he smirked at the compliment. "You are pretty hot yourself."


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Re: Charmed [Avery/Tucker]
« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2020, 10:51:36 AM »

[ Redacted]

Tossing the shirt by the basket he looked at Tucker before taking a seat next to him on the bed. He looked at the marks and the hair and gave a sly smile as if amused by his work.

Dark brows arched at that smile before following his line of sight as it slid down from the mark on his neck to the marks on his thigh.  He touched one of the scratches carefully, lips tugging up on one side.  "See something you like?" It was faintly teasing, baby blues flicking back up.

"I do." He leaned in to place a kiss on his shoulder before settling back. "Do you want to stay or do you have to rush off somewhere?"

The smile grew into a full grin before Avery was leaning in to brush lips against his shoulder.  It softened guarded features, so did the invitation to stay.  "I can stick around for a while." If you want me to.

"Good." Avery pressed a quick kiss to his forehead. "Did you want to get under the covers or still too warm?"

It was an unexpectedly tender gesture that had Tucker blinking up at him in surprise, resisting the sudden temptation to reach up and touch the spot.  Instead he tried to focus of Avery's question.  "Under, I think."  And he slid to the edge of the bed to swing his legs offer to plant his feet on the ground.  Not that standing yet was a good idea.  He's legs felt unsteady, hips and thighs a little sore.  In the best way.

Nodding, Avery got to his feet, slowly, his muscles still arguing in protest at not being anything other than horizontal on a soft surface. He offered a hand to Tucker if he wanted it.

In almost any other situation stubbornness would have insisted he ignore that offered hand, but he didn't want to, this time. He reached out to lay his hand in Avery's and pulled himself up on legs that felt a bit like Jell-O.

He held Tucker's arm as if to either keep him close or to keep his knees from buckling. With the free hand he pulled back the covers to plain white sheets below and let him sit down first if he wanted.

He locked his knees, it helped, but he didn't try to slide his arm from Avery's loose grip.  Justed waited, gaze flicking down the other boy's back as he pulled the blankets down, then sat when the chance was given.  "Do you have to go anywhere later, or..?"  He wasn't sure what time it was, but it had to be after six by now.

Avery shook his head sitting down as well. "Nah, I am usually doing classwork until I doze off."

A dark brown arched, his head tipping to the side as he looked up at the bigger man.  "Am I keeping you from any important homework if I stay?"

"Not really, not anything I can't do tomorrow instead." He pressed his shoulder to Tuck's. "You?"

He shook his head, leaning into Avery after the other man hand initiated contact.  Every touch was a reassurance that he was wanted there.  "No, nothing pressing."

Avery grinned before patting the bed as a gesture he could lay down. "Just let me know when you do have to leave."

Tucker glanced down at the bed as if considering it, and then turned as he rose up on his knees.  He put his hands on Avery's shoulders to push him down first so he could crawl up to lay on top of him.

Avery rose a brow for a second before realization washed over him and he laid down with Tuck's push. When Tuck was settled he languidly ran his fingers up and down on his back.

He folded his arms across Avery's chest and lay his cheek against them, eyes half closing as he looked lazily around the room.  "Were you serious before,” he asked after a few moments, tone careful.  Like he'd been mulling over the question.  "About wanting more than just a quick fuck?"

"Yes." His own eyes closed as he continued to draw lazy circles and lines along this back. "But you won't hurt my feelings telling me you don't want to."

The fingers on his right hand spread against tanned skin, nails running lightly along his chest in tickling lines.  A reassurance.  "No, it's not-"  he bit off the protest, started over.  "I'm just trying to figure out how much I should let myself get used to this, and to you."

There was a hint of goosebumps across his skin as he tickled nails along his skin. "You can tell me how much or how little you want me to be in this relationship. Set whatever boundaries."

The word relationship made him twitch, head turning to press his face into his arms.  It made his voice come out muffled.  "I don't think I know how to do that.  I've never really..." He huffed a sigh.  "You don't even really know me, why do you want to be with me?"  He sounded confused, cautious.

"Or acquaintances, whatever you want to call this." He opened an eye and tilted it to look at him. "I know what it is like to enjoy something while you can."

He didn't know how normal relationships worked.  After a moment he lifted his head so he could see Avery's face again.  He seemed so patient and understanding.  "What's your last name?"

"Keane." He replied without hesitating, it was the most current last name he had.

His lips twitched, almost a smile.  "Mines Williams."  If they were going to do this then they needed to know more about each other.  "I get bad anxiety sometimes, I smoke to keep it in check, and I get stupidly into games on my phone."

"Mm." He murmured as if he was memorizing it all before giving a soft smile. "I  have a temper at times so I play rugby to let it loose, I am pretty competitive no matter what little game it is and I don't tend to live in places too long."

"Are there plans to leave anytime soon?"  He settled his chin on his arms again, features relaxing again finally as they talked.

"And try to get into another university?  No thanks, this was pain enough." He snorted rather jokingly on the matter. "The most is maybe dorm rooms."

Tuck smiled, stroking his thumb along Avery's collarbone.  "Good."

"What sort of job do you want when you graduate?" It was an easy sort of question, but he was curious.

His shoulders moved in what was meant to be a shrug but didn't quite work with how he was laying.  "I don't know, I haven't thought about it as much as I should be."  Didn't like thinking about it.  "Somewhere that pays well, that has good hours, I guess."

"Fair enough, are you going to keep playing soccer?" He didn't seem bothered at all by the vague answer.

"I'd like to."  Another small smile.  "I'd jump at a chance to try out for the USA team."  It didn't sound like he thought it was a possibility, despite how well he played.

"I am sure you could do well if you tried." He ran his fingers along his arm, shoulder. "Would be amazing."

Baby blues turned thoughtful, like he was gauging how truthful Avery was being.  "It'd be nice.  I won't know until next year if I qualify though."

"A year to train, does that mean you will be putting in extra hours?" It was a fair question, if he was he would be panicking too.

"Not quite yet.  I'll wait to see how this year goes."  To see if he even had a chance of making the cut.  "I think I'd want to wait until after I knew I had a degree under my belt, just in case."

"Safety is always good, not that I would want you to injury yourself but that seems to be the fate of any athlete so a backup plan is wise." He wouldn't want anyone to be injured and lose something they enjoyed doing but it was realistic.

"Are you going to try to keep playing rugby?"  Were there leagues outside of schools?  He didn't know.  "After you graduate, I mean."

"I will probably join some local team, more of a hobby but I guess it depends on the job I take." It was more of a question if he stayed in a place long enough to be on a team.

He hummed thoughtfully, fingertips tapping along Avery's collarbone before he smoothed his fingers along it.  "I don't know a lot about rugby.  I might have to swing by practice sometime, see what it's all about."  If it was before soccer he probably had time to catch the beginning, if nothing else.

"I would like that." It wasn't often he had anyone there really to watch anything he did at rugby.

This was...new.  Different, in a good way.  Tucker felt warm and comfortable laying against Avery's chest and he let out a content little sigh as he relaxed a little more against him, legs shifting to straddle his hips.

Avery closed his eyes, his hands still drifting over bare skin, letting the silence fall contently.

Tuck let it stretch for a while longer, one arm stretching up to drape over Avery's shoulder so he could slip his fingers into the soft, multicolored hair.  He could feel the big man's heart beating against his chest, every long breath.  He liked it.  "We can see where things go, at least," he said after a while, eyes closed, voice drowsy.

"Yes..." Avery replied, his hands moving slowly and his own voice drowsy or at least miles away as if dozing himself. It was rather comfortable having the smaller man draped across him, and warm.  A missing feeling for a while.

It wouldn't hurt to fall asleep like that, right?  Tucker's fingers moved lazily in Avery's hair as he weighed the pros and cons of letting himself fall asleep like that.  In the end, he didn't even make a choice, his body made it for him.  Breath evening out as he drifted off, warm and comfortable.

He didn't know when he stopped running his fingers along Tuck's skin, or when he wrapped his hands loosely around his waist but he drifted off without a worry.