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Tyler Hudson
« on: January 20, 2020, 09:02:26 PM »

Name: Tyler Wyatt Hudson
Nickname: Tye
Apparent Age: Early-Mid twenties
Occupation: Botany grad student

Half an inch under six feet, with the top of his hair dyed green with a dark brown naturally showing along his shaved sides, and somewhat obvious he cut it himself. He has black framed glasses paired with darker blue eyes. He has a somewhat athletic build of someone who does lifting for work and tanned skin from spending a great deal outside working with plants.

Tyler seems to be easy going, laid back as if they aren’t really concerned with any punches thrown at them, at the same time he doesn’t seem particularly close to anyone as if he learns enough to seem friendly but doesn’t offer any information or emotion in return. He seems particularly knowledgeable with flora, anything tied with nature/elements, and always seems to know what the weather is going to be like even before it comes through.

Tends to give off the impression of being calm but very distant, like a pond where you can only see the bright surface and nothing lurking underneath.

Atm he is self medicated in dealing with finding his roommate brutally murdered in their apartment. Keeps having weird dreams and has odd gaps in his memory, like ending up in places he doesn't remember going to or how he got there. Could use someone to watch him, or an investigator dealing with other deaths in the city.