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« on: January 18, 2020, 09:06:46 PM »
Name: Breen Nimh (refuses to go by)
Nickname: Spore
Apparent Age: Looks to be in the mid twenties
Occupation: Gardener/Caretaker/Black Market Plant Dealer/Drug Dealer

Very dark tanned skin, with dark flecks scattered across her skin paired with rather extremely pale grey/blue eyes that at times give off the impression of being silver or white. She has long curly pink hair that seems rather unruly and oddly enough her eyebrows match the same color as if she bothered to dye them to match. She is rather short and petite framed, but the scowl on her face says that she is likely to be stronger than she looks.

Bitter and sharp, Spore tends to easily go on the defense matched with sarcasm instead of putting on the airs of being somewhat friendly towards anyone. Most of what she does is business, and in her mind business doesn’t mean making friends, it means not getting fucked over by someone else again. She has a great affinity with plants and has the habit of cross breeding them for various reasons, including drugs, poisons, and for those plants illegal to various countries and she doesn’t give a shit care less of what people do with them after she gets paid, not her problem.

Wild as if living entirely on the edge of things without much concern for the rest of the world and consequences, there's a hint of a darkness or danger that lingers underneath.

Unseelie Dryad Appearance