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Roleplaying / Re: Letting it sink in [Avery/Tucker]
« Last post by Beejoux on September 03, 2020, 07:17:39 PM »

"Very hot." It was a warm, but confident response as he brushed his thumb against his cheek, his blue eyes focused on his. It had been a while since Avery could do something like this, the last few interests he’d had were more inclined to avoid anything too personal.

He couldn't help the answering flush.  "T-thanks."  He didn't see what Avery saw, couldn't see it.  He stroked the back of the bigger man's hand, shifting enough for Avery to slid out of him.  "If we don't move and get cleaned up we're gonna fall asleep like this and wake up glued to each other."

Avery gave a laugh as he pressed a quick kiss to the palm of Tuck's hand. "Wouldn't be the worse thing to wake up with."

"Maybe not," he conceded with a stroke of his fingers along Avery's hand.  "But it'd make sports really hard."

He grinned sitting up on his elbow. "True, but it would be amusing."

Tucker gave an amused huff as he braced his hands against Avery's chest so he could press himself up, wincing just slightly as an expected ache settled into his thighs, ass, and legs.  A good ache.

He let the grin rest on his lips as he sat up a little more. "There’s a towel in the closet, or a shirt in the drawer."

"Okay."  He didn't immediately try to climb off the bigger man, took his time with it and moved carefully.  When he was on his feet he moved gingerly over to the closet to get a towel, and scrubbed at the mess on his stomach and lower as he walked back to offer it over.

He watched as he got the towel, his eyes studying him over before handing it over. Sitting up a bit more he cleaned his stomach and lower off before throwing it to the hamper. "Thanks."

Tucker made a point to grab his boxers off the floor, pulling them on before sitting on the bed again and leaning in against Avery's side.

Avery wrapped an arm around his waist letting his cheek rest on Tuck.

"My back feels better," he said airily, smiling as he lay his hand over Avery's where it rested at his waist.

"Mmm I hoped it would." He smiled  pressing a loose kiss to his shoulder.

Tucker gave a pleased hum, happy he'd taken the chance and agreed to the offer for a massage.

He let the silence settle for a few seconds before pressing another kiss. "I would suggest we could stay here but I'm thirsty. I don't know about you?"

"Whatever you want to do," he answered easily.  A lot of the caginess and nerves were gone, finally.

"Let's take a walk, find a drink, a snack?" He seemed relaxed, maybe happy even.

"Sure, that sounds good."  The bullshit and the chaos that had permeated life for the last few weeks seemed far away from this moment.  It felt so good just not having to worry for a little while.

He kissed his shoulder again before getting to his feet, sliding his boxers on, followed by his pants. Digging out a clean shirt from his draw he glanced back at Tucker to see if he needed anything.

He spared Avery's ass an admiring gaze as the taller man stood up, and then set about getting dressed himself.  He pulled his pants on slowly, hand sweeping over his pockets, then bent again to grab his shirt.  They hadn't used it to clean anything up, so it was fine to drag back over his head.  Black hair was still a mess, and two rounds of vigorous sex with a nap in between had not done it any favors.

Avery dug out some flipflops before heading to the bathroom. "Give me a minute to change out of my contacts."

"Okay, take your time."  Tuck combed his fingers through his hair, trying and failing to tame it down some.  He gave up after a moment.

It was a minute before Avery came back, large black frames and his hair pulled back in a sloppy ponytail. "Ready?"

Tucker smiled crookedly at him.  "Cute."  Teasing, but only halfway.  He did think he looked cute like that.  "Yeah, I'm ready."

He snorted, amused before grabbing his keys and wallet. Holding the door open he waited for Tuck to follow him out.

It made him grin, and he slipped his hands into his pockets as he slid past Avery, glancing around for the horrible roommate.

The other bedroom door was shut, Avery only glanced at it before locking his own bedroom door. Heading to the other door he held it open for him.

There was a small part of him that sort of wished he'd been there, if only to see the look on his face, but it was probably for the best.  Tuck glanced at the closed door before following Avery out into the hall.

He locked it behind before heading to the stairs. "Any place in particular you want to go?"

He thought about it as they started down the stairs.  "What kind of drink do you want to get?"  He glanced up at him.  "Weren't you hungry?"

"I was a bit, I figured wherever we go would have some sort of snack, or smoothie." He shrugged, he wasn't particularly picky.

Didn't sound like Avery was angling for beer or anything else of that nature, so that made the choice easy.  "There's the diner at the end of the block, they have food and good shakes."

"Perfect." He grinned, holding the door open from the stairs.

Out through the lobby, the front doors and down the stairs.  Tucker was walking a little stiffly, not exactly a limp, but similar.  He was smiling though, easy and relaxed, shoulders back and head up.  He seemed to have forgotten the giant hickey on the side of his neck…

Avery kept glancing over to Tucker, maybe admiring the hickey, maybe just making sure he wasn't too stiff from him.

At one point Tucker happened to notice the glances and it had him quirking dark brows up at him.

Avery grinned, not bothered by the fact he was caught. "Just making sure you are ok."

"A little sore, but I'll be fine."  Very much not a complaint.  He liked the lingering ache.

"Good," He looked relieved about it, as he shoved his hands in his pockets. "What class do you have at eight am?"

"Biology."  It would be a short day, only three classes, but he'd have practice too.  That would be interesting if the ache persisted.

He made a hint of a grimace. "Sounds like less fun at eight am."

"I don't mind it too much.  It's not ridiculously early.  Besides, I only have three classes tomorrow, plus practice." He tipped his head up to look at Avery.  "Do you have practice tomorrow?"

"We do. Well, more like group training but still the same thing really." He shrugged a bit. "I am not so great with lecture classes at eight am, I've dozed off a few times."

"And it's before soccer?"  He had time to stop by, probably.  He chuckled at Avery, bumping into his hip.  "I don't usually have a problem.  Once or twice maybe."

"Yea, though I don't know how exciting it will be." He returned the bump with his arm, gently. "I am better at more active classes at eight am."

"I could still swing by."  Exciting or not, he'd like to see what Rugby was all about.  And if it was more training than anything else he could get a start on his homework before his own practice.

They were almost at the diner.  Tucker flashed Avery a grin.  "Maybe you just need a little pick-me-up before classes in the morning."

"I'd like that." It was a bit more sheepish than he wanted it to sound. He could see the diner lights and he grinned at Tuck. "I would love an impromptu pick me up."

"How early can you be up?  I could swing by before class..."  They might have to take it easy tomorrow morning, if they did meet up.  Something a little less...aggressive.

He held the door open for Tucker at the diner, the neon lights outside casting a blue glow. "Six is the earliest I am willing to get up."

Tucker slid a hand along his side as he walked past into the diner.  "Set an alarm for six, then."  His head tipped.  "I should probably get your number."

Avery watched him, a smirk tugging on his lips as he followed him in. "Six it is, and sure."

It was a seat yourself kind of place, and Tucker led the way back to a booth, tucking himself into one of the bench seats.  He pulled his phone out, flicking his eyes up to watch Avery settle across from him.  He pulled up his contacts and opened a new one, then slid it across the table for the big man to enter his info.

He followed him to the back of the diner, sliding into the seat across before picking up the phone. Raising a brow for a second he smoothed it over and put in his info before handing it back.

As Avery handed it back Tuck pulled up his messenger app and sent a quick text to the other man.  A smiley emoji with it's tongue out.

He dug out his own phone from his pocket, smirking at the emote and sent back an

Tucker snorted softly as he pushed his phone aside and looked up at the server that had just walked up to their table to take their order.  He got a chocolate shake.

He got the strawberry shake and a plate of fries, shoving his phone back in his pocket.

She smiled and walked away, and Tucker leaned forward to fold his hands on the table.  It was late now, the rest of the day catching up with him.  Tuck cut off a yawn as he stretched his legs out under the table to brush his foot against Avery's.

Avery rubbed his ankle against his as he laid his chin on his hand resisting the urge to yawn now that he saw Tuck do the same

It was easy to mimic him, propping his head up on his own hand as he smiled across the table at him.  "We should probably go to bed after this."  So much for getting homework done... 

Just this once it couldn't hurt.  "You wore me out, handsome."

Avery gave a hint of a blush on his cheeks as he snorted, amused. "Agreed, I am too tired to think about anything other than some cute face in my bed earlier."

He dipped his head, head shaking as he smiled despite himself.  "You do know you're way out of my league, right?"  He wasn't trying to chase him off, it was just hard to wrap his head around.

"I swear I have no idea what you are talking about." He sat up, slouching back in the booth with a smirk. "I don't think I am out of your league at all, just in the same league."

"Are there no mirrors in your dorm?"  He was joking, but also not.  The low self esteem ran deep.  "Either way," he continued on.  "Today's been kinda great, so..."

He stretched his arms across the table to take Tuck's hands. "You are hot, trust me on that and today was... I needed it, needed it for a while."

He blinked as Avery took his hands, head lifting, and something serious flickering across pale features before they softened again, squeezing Avery's fingers.  "Yeah.  Yeah, I did too."

He smiled too, giving a squeeze before letting go and sitting back. "I am more than happy to be your distraction, any distraction really."

He left his hand on the table between them, fingertips sliding along the smooth top absently.  "So long as that goes both ways and I can distract you."

He laughed and nodded as he folded his arms on the table, gazing at him. "I am pretty sure all you have to do is say the word and I will be completely distracted by you."

He couldn't help a grin, even if his cheeks felt hot.  "Are you sure?  That's an awful lot of power to lay in someone's hands."

"So use it well." He sat up as the waitress brought over the shakes and the plate of fries with ketchup. He moved the plate to the center to share.

His lips pulled in a small smirk before the arrival of their food pulled his attention temporarily off Avery and onto the shake being set down in front of him.  They were real and thick with whipped cream and cherries, and Tucker hadn't even waited for her to walk away before he'd helped himself to a large bite.
Roleplaying / Letting it sink in [Avery/Tucker]
« Last post by Beejoux on September 03, 2020, 07:15:52 PM »
It'd be hours later when Tucker stirred, pale eyes opening slowly to a room that wasn't his.  He had a moment to wonder where he was before he realized he was naked, laying on another naked person, and every muscle in his small body tensed all at once.  For just a moment there was panic, and then he caught a glimpse of colorful hair haloed across a pillow as he lifted his head and it came back to him.

Avery.  This was Avery's room, his bed.  They'd met earlier that day, grabbed a meal together, and then walked to the dorms.  A massage had turned into a kiss, had turned into sex.  He listed the events off in his head as he willed his pulse to slow the fuck down.

He was safe.

Bright blue eyes blinked open as something shifted, his breath almost freezing as he ran his hands along the bare skin that was on top of him reminding him vaguely what was going on. Tuck. He let loose his breath as he leaned up to look at him.

"You ok? Cold?" He was sure Tuck had moved, or at least tensed up in some way but he could have been wrong.

He blinked down at Avery, heart still beating a little too fast, and slid his fingertips along the other man's scalp.  "I'm okay.  I just didn't know where I was for a second."  No explanation of why that would be an issue given.  "I'm sorry I woke you up."

"It's ok, really." He ran his fingers along his back  to help soothe him a bit, he had done something similar in the past, likely for different reasons.

Tuck licked his lips, thinking, before he pushed himself up enough to shift a little higher along Avery's body so he could dip his head and claim the other man's lips.

He rose a brow when he pushed himself up, but let the concern fade when Tuck pressed his lips against his. He returned it, letting a hand slide up and run along his jaw.

Lips parted as the warm fingers running along the side of his jaw made him sigh out.  He still felt touch-starved.  Like he couldn't get enough of the feeling of Avery's skin against his own.  There was no urgency to the kiss this time -- it was slow and thorough and exploring.

As his lips parted Avery gently let his tongue explore, lazily as if only there to enjoy it, along with his hands that continued to memorize his skin.

Tucker hummed softly into the kiss, his hands coming up to rest lightly against the sides of Avery's face.  He really was out of his league, but here they were.  It was hard not to pick and prod and tear it apart looking for a lie that might not have even been there, but he really did want to give this a shot.  Whatever this was.  His thumbs traced the contours of the bigger man's face as they kissed.

He was used to not defining relationships, not staying in places long meant that Avery was used to not having things last as long as he wanted them to be. If anything he would enjoy the now, he would enjoy Tuck's company as long as he wanted him there, no feelings harmed when he moved on.  The tips of his fingers kept lingering along his back, tracing things as he continued their kiss.

He let himself sink into it for another long moment or two before slowly drawing back enough to look down at him again with a soft smile.  "Do you want to try to go back to sleep, or do something else?"

"Hmmmm depends." He looked up at him with bright blue eyes, a hand tracing his jaw and neck. "You feel up for something else?"

He leaned into it.  "I could probably go back to sleep, but I feel awake right now."  He glanced around for a clock.  "What time is it?"

"I don't know, my phone is still in my bag." He turned, trying to figure where he had dropped his bag.

Tucker looked instead toward the window, trying to gauge the time of day by the color of the sky.  Dark, but not fully.  "I think it's like eight-thirty, maybe nine?"

"Mmm explains why my stomach wants to grumble." He replied amused as he looked towards the window too.

"Hm?"  Tucker pushed up until he was sitting low on Avery's waist and lay his palms against his stomach.  "Do you wanna figure out food?"

"We could, or it can wait." He ran his hands along Tucker's thighs.

He went a little pink in the cheeks, fingertips curling against Avery's stomach as he looked down at him.  He'd mostly forgotten, up to that point, that they were both still naked.  "What did you have in mind?"

[ Redacted ]

He was completely passive in Avery's hands, floating in a haze of warmth and pleasure, and the way the bigger man was looking at him...it made something in his stomach flip pleasantly.  "See something you like?"  He had to poke at it, make a joke, even if his voice was soft and sedate.

Another grin as his other hand started to skim along his side, lazily again as they traced imaginary patterns. "I do."

Hard to tell if it was the soft skim of his fingers along Tucker's side that brought on the rush of goosebumps, or those two little words.  He made a helpless little sound in response, the joke fading away as he tipped his head into that touch.

He continued, his hands still enjoying every touch as his breath was finally returning to some semblance of normal. A brow raised though at the sound but he didn't ask questions, just enjoyed it.

He had to close his eyes, head tipping just enough to brush his lips across the pad of Avery's thumb mid stroke.

He let loose a soft sigh at the small surprise, letting his finger run along his lip.

Moving was a lot of effort, but he brought a hand around to cup the back of tanned knuckles to hold Avery's hand close so he could rub his cheek against that warmth.

A warmer smile spread on his lips as he felt Tuck's hand on his, it too was a surprise but not at all an unwarranted one.

His eyes opened again, flicking up, and his lips twitched in a small, answering smile.  He wasn't great at showing emotions, or...hell, trusting them in other people.  But he was trying.

The smile made a knot on his chest, it was a reminder to enjoy the moments and others as much as he could. "You know you are even hotter with a smile?"

Not used to compliments, his head tipped like he had every intention of hiding his expression against the inside of Avery's palm, but he stopped himself, licked his lips almost nervously, and made himself meet those lovely, bright eyes.  "Yeah?"  He didn't smile much, not usually, but he thought maybe he'd have more reasons to smile now.  Hopefully.
Profiles / Yvonne Relkshire
« Last post by Carhop on July 26, 2020, 10:42:42 AM »
Name: Yvonne Relkshire
Nickname: Evie
Apparent Age: 24 (2400)
Occupation: Apothecary / Mercenary

Yvonne’s honeybrown eyes are set on a bronze, heart shaped face; above a roman nose and below russet brows. Thick, wavy locks of copper are put half-up in a milkmaid’s braid, hiding her elongated, pointy ears. Thin lips are often painted a ruddy red, matching her eyeshadow.
Evie sports a notably ‘hipster grunge’ fashion sense, preferring plaid tops cutting off just below her narrow ribcage, lifting her Barely B’s. Full hips and thighs stretch the fabric of her distressed black or grey high rise denim, be they jeans or shorts paired with opaque tights, and sometimes sport a skater skirt. Her shoes of choice are Doc. Martens classic black leather boots with yellow piping and laces. When working, Yvonne dons a loose shirt and pair of beige coveralls.
Yvonne stands at a notable, at least among humans,  5’10”. She’s the shortest on her mother’s side of the family, though. The Half Elf’s career of hauling heavy stone cauldrons, mortars, pestles, and crates of soil have left her with toned arms and shoulders, and her  vegetarian diet combined with a love of rock climbing has left the woman fit and trim.


Summer bonfires and sun baked sands. Musk, damp soil, and swamp water. White-hot ambition, gold coins and ruby hilt daggers, and bubbling cauldrons. A waning moon, a cracked hourglass, a beautiful sword in its sheath. These are the things the Fortune Tellers have seen in their crystal balls with Evie as their client.
Evie carries herself in complete confidence when at rest, but is constantly rushing when on the move. She asks total strangers personal, sometimes invasive questions, giving her an air of suspicion. Burn scars and cuts along her hands and forearms will inevitably be seen by anyone who pays attention, since Evie practically talks with her hands.

Plots / Re: Bee plots!
« Last post by Beejoux on July 02, 2020, 07:58:10 PM »
RP to-do list

Meet Lissa somewhere

Get hurt somehow




Try to get Beau on as consultant

Move himself and Charlie to the market for safety

Wake up in Percy's bed
Find Kitten
One on one with Kelly
Drive Sanya around the city
Run into Corbin

More with Cooper
Run into Sanya

Fight with Lissa
Profiles / Vitali Lupybat'ko
« Last post by Beejoux on June 11, 2020, 09:21:43 PM »
Name: Vitali Lupybat'ko
Nickname: N/A
Apparent Age: 36
Occupation: Bounty hunter for hire.

FACECLAIM: Sam Underwood
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 197lps
Eye Color: Grey/blue
Hair Color: Medium brown
Hair Style: buzzed short
Skin Color: Caucasian
Physique: Medium build with some muscle definition that speaks to a good diet or healthy life style.  Toned, but not cut.


It's hard to put a finger on just what it is about him that make the most sensitive among the community uncomfortable, but there is certainly something.  He looks remarkably harmless, until he doesn't.  Eyes going from sincere and warm to cold and dead in an instant.  Those that are more sensitive than others would get a sense of buzzing, restless energy, and an almost overwhelming sense of wrongness.
Profiles / Leif Eriksdottir
« Last post by Beejoux on May 15, 2020, 02:04:03 PM »
Name: Leif Eriksdottir
Nickname: N/A
Apparent Age: 26
Occupation: Painter, almost transient

FACECLAIM: George Blagden
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 176lbs
Eye Color: Pale blue
Hair Color: Dark brown, almost black.
Hair Style: Curly and long enough to fall into his face.  Not a style, so much as he hasn't had a haircut in a while.
Skin Color: Nordically pale.
Physique: Thin, but not scrawny.  He has gauges in his ears, a barbell through one nipple, and a a sprawling, intricate tattoo of a tree climbing up his right side from thigh to shoulder.


Seems remarkably human, but his paintings seem to have a life to them.  Sometimes even moving, if you know how to see.
Roleplaying / [SOLO] Fast Food (Thor)
« Last post by Baneful on April 21, 2020, 07:55:14 PM »
Thor’s penthouse had a view of the skyline. He liked that about it, that it put him above everything else, able to see a large swathe of the city laid out at his feet, as if it was subservient, and as if it belonged solely to him. It did in a way, everything did as he saw it, all of it small and delicious and so exquisitely human. He liked looking down, because when you couldn’t fly it felt pretty close.

Black marble was the name of the game in as far as his interior decorating went, sleek minimalist lines flecked with gold and solid gold sculptures here and there, all of them depicting predatory scenes, all bared claws and dripping fangs. It did not look like the office of a man in charge of providing meat to the population, but that was what it was. There was plenty of money in slaughterhouses and wholesale, especially when you didn’t have to worry about trivial things like attending to the workforce’s human needs.

Of course most of the slaughterhouses were out in rural places in the back end of Iowa or North Carolina, but cities were where his goods ended up at the end of the supply chain. It was truly a wonderful business, and he could afford to spend his days overseeing the operation from a city that was well tailored to his specific...needs. Sometimes it was pleasant to rub elbows with his own kind in an open sort of way. Just because he hated other people didn’t mean he couldn’t get some enjoyment out of spending time with them anyway. Tearmann had its upsides.

It was a quiet evening, much like every other quiet evening and the streetlights wound a fairy light path through the streets as distant cars crawled like ants along their neat and tidy little paths.

Stepping outside, the wind licked at Thor’s long hair, bringing on the air the distant swirling scents of springtime. He had a truly fantastic sense of smell, better than his other senses by miles. He could smell colour in the way pigments and materials smelled, he could smell magic, he could smell things he didn’t even have words for. Standing here he could smell a man in the street below whose smell was swept up to him on the breeze and knew in a flash of keen knowledge that he hadn’t washed in three days, had sex two days ago and had an undiagnosed blood deficiency.

In this human form, Thor didn’t get to dress in the golden armour he preferred, instead like this it was something much simpler, finely tailored suits across his broad muscled chest and layers of restrictive clothing to control the facets of his anatomy he didn’t want to be aware of. His teeth were also restricted like this, only the set on his face able to move at all.

Dent didn’t live in Tearmann and that was a bit of a shame, it meant that on evenings like this , there was no one of a comparable intellectual level to him to spend time with. His relationship with the other demon was complicated, and he avoided dwelling too long on it, lest he slide into a state of misery. He was on his own, that was all there was to it, and he’d certainly dealt with that state of being before.

He was hungry, but let’s be honest, as a gluttony demon, he was ALWAYS hungry.

Pigs were cheap. He could slaughter hundreds of them in a week or two for chump change, but when it came to humans, those were a much, much more expensive type of meat, and of course, he had a taste for them. The additional problem was that he didn’t just want to eat ANY kind of human, he was a breeder of pedigree pigs, producer of artisanal meats. He knew what good meat was and you didn’t get good meat on industrial antibiotics and bone meal, you needed to really feed them well and treat them well. His favourite humans were adults - but not too old, beyond a certain age the meat got gamy - upper middle class, lean and fit with a diet of vegetables and exotic coffee.

He wondered if having a taste for hipsters, in turn made him one too?

The problem was though, that you didn’t simply just kidnap someone from that sort of background, irritatingly people would miss them. No one missed a homeless person, a runaway, a prostitute without a background, but they missed their trust fund raised offspring. Still, with the right money in the right places, things could be arranged.

He was still a few weeks out from his next contract though, and the hunger gnawed at him anyway.

Somewhere under his clothing there was a low growl, the sound of a stomach rumbling but larger and far more animalistic. It deepened and he turned away from the balcony’s view.

He didn’t normally go out, he didn’t like to mingle with the stink of humanity, but tonight would just need to be different. It would be one of those junk food nights, one of those nights where he chalked it up as a loss and slunk out to places he wouldn’t normally go. Dent wasn’t here and honestly, he needed sustenance in every respect.

Returning to the penthouse, he picked up his phone and dialled his secretary and arranged for the car to be brought around. He wasn’t sure where to go, but he was sure once he was out there that he’d figure something out. It was less playing it by ear and more playing it by nose.
Profiles / Ian Gallagher
« Last post by blue on April 20, 2020, 09:43:19 PM »
Name: Ian Gallagher
Nickname: Ian
Apparent Age: late 20s, maybe 27
Occupation: Beat Cop

Faceclaim: Sam Claflin

Ian is lanky, around 6' tall, with too-wide features that are attractive but not astounding. His teeth are just a little uneven, his hair a burnished red and his eyes green, extremely Irish. He is freckled, with big hands and long legs and very wide, broad gestures.

He is friendly but flitters like a butterfly from one person to the next, never quite committing to anyone for any length of time. In the moment, he's everyone's big brother, and he'll do everything he can to help -- aside from really committing emotionally, it seems. He smiles a big goofy smile. He'll lend you money. He'll look into a problem for you. But he absolutely never will be the one to call first.

Sometimes he smells like wet dog. He's extremely comfortable naked. He goes out with a lot of bimbos.
Profiles / Thoraz
« Last post by Baneful on April 19, 2020, 07:03:17 AM »
Name: Thoraz
Nickname: Thor
Apparent Age: It varies. Sometimes a kid, sometimes an adult.
Occupation: Slaughterhouse owner and completely legitimate Entrepreneur

Human Form
A toweringly tall man with long long dark hair and a perfect physique and a strange scar across his throat. Never seen without some manner of gold accessory on his person.
Sometimes he also appears as a small harmless boy weraring a t-shirt with a cartoony pig on it somewhere.

True Forms
https://file.toyhou.se/images/1660096_sTMx1KuhoKr1lin.jpg - Though he's even darker in hue than this.
https://file.toyhou.se/images/8593102_6nGgpKsq42K7Zuu.jpg - NSFW REFERENCE - His weirdass anatomy and mid-boar form.

Bitter and dark, with a hatred for almost everything, Thor is driven by his own goals and doesn't speak about them to almost anyone. Sometimes he can behave in ways which seem incredibly stupid.

He is known to bargain with people for what's important to them.

Around Thor humans are generally oblivious as to his true nature, but to magical beings, the dark energy from him seems strong enough to peel the paint from the walls. It's almost intolerable to stay around him for any length of time for other demons if they are aren't naturally tuned to cope with vast amounts of magical potential energy.

Fortunately, he doesn't seem to go out much.
Profiles / Micah Lambert
« Last post by Prolixity on April 18, 2020, 11:39:00 PM »
Name: Micah Lambert
Nickname: -
Apparent Age: 24
Occupation: Construction worker

Short and squarish. He has brown hair, green eyes, and wears rectangular wire framed glasses out of necessity. He prefers casual clothes and often looks slightly shabby. He has a classic star tattoo on the back of his left wrist and wears a gold hoop earring in his left ear.

Micah is irritable and prone to worry. He dropped out of high school after sophomore year to help support his father and himself, working odd jobs and construction. As a result, he has a lot of practical skills, even if he's not highly educated or well-read.

He doesn't like people to know what he cares about, but he's not very good at concealing it. He'll share what he has or what he knows, and takes pride in doing his job and contributing. However, he's not always great at getting along with people. He's easily irritated and provoked, and will yell about it. He is also impulsive, and often acts on an idea without fully thinking it through.

Blunt, practical, and not always kind. He feels earthy and somewhat wild to inhuman senses.
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