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Profiles / Sanya Kozlov
« Last post by blue on March 02, 2020, 09:39:09 AM »
Name: Aleksander Kozlov
Nickname: Sanya
Apparent Age: Late 20s/30
Occupation: For Hire. Also, a Paladin

Richard Madden

Sanya is a mix of contradictions. Somehow, when he enters a room, he gives the impression of great size, while in reality he's only about five foot nine, average at best, with the strength of someone who regularly does physical labor but not the sheer bulk of someone who does body building.

It's more due to the sheer enthusiasm of his existence: the brightness in dark blue eyes, the alert edge to his square-jawed expression, the playful quirk of his mouth, the teasing dimples that form when his face splits into a massive grin. His hair is dark with just a bit of a curl that sweeps down over his forehead and into his face, constantly having to be brushed back in a careless, familiar way.

He dresses practically and comfortably, in jeans of various shades that have been worn so often they've gone soft around the edges, sometimes with rips in the knees or thighs, and t-shirts with old band logos or other slogans that have been largely lost to time. Henleys and comfortable shoes. Jackets that have been patched half a dozen times. It could look sloppy, but he owns it.

There is a strong Russian edge behind his voice and his accent, a musicality that transforms familiar words into something more lilting.


Sanya is friendly and helpful by nature -- it is, in fact, the core of what he is. He exists to help other people, to fix problems, to take care of evils, and he takes this duty to heart.

One on one, he's happy to talk or not talk, but when he does speak, it's with an honesty that ranges from gentle and helpful to borderline brutal.

Somehow, though, he manages to avoid coming across too goody-goody. Instead, there is a wicked edge of humor behind him, and a self-comfort that doesn't usually come with the righteous. He doesn't judge. Usually.

Things that feed off of others, that do damage to humans, or otherwise might be classified as evil, might find Sanya like a prickle along his senses, uncomfortable and unfriendly.
Profiles / Re: Ethan Flynn
« Last post by stella cinere on February 13, 2020, 08:40:43 PM »
Profiles / Ethan Flynn
« Last post by stella cinere on February 11, 2020, 01:45:08 AM »
Name: Ethan Flynn
Nickname: Gin
Apparent Age: 22
Occupation: Odd jobs, tour guide, volunteers at an animal shelter

Ethan is 5’10” and all legs, arms, and looks as if he should be all gangly awkwardness but manages to move with subtle grace around others. He has auburn red hair that looks as if it was once cut and styled but now the edges attempt to curl and it looks as if it is cut by hand to maintain it’s length. He is rather thin, as if obviously not getting enough to eat and just enough muscle as if he spends a great more deal moving than sitting around. Most of his clothes don’t help his thinness either, most are typically too big as if handed down, given, or picked up from the thrift shop.

Ethan is warm, inviting, but guarded, he knows how to chat with people, keep them entertained and feel as if they have his attention in return. He doesn’t offer anything personal up but instead will listen to other people’s problems and offer any help he can if possible or doesn’t wind him up into more trouble. At times he can be found the center of the attention, while on other occasions he can be found in the background looking either for an escape or hanging out with whatever animal is nearby. If given the option he is rather fond of being outside, or doing something that involves animals or anything that is walking versus dealing with what feels like four walls closing in.

Ethan comes across to be rather friendly, warm, and capable of being loyal but extremely wary of most.
Profiles / Perseus (Percy) Bell
« Last post by blue on February 06, 2020, 08:57:16 PM »
Name: Perseus Bell
Nickname: Percy
Apparent Age: Late 30-40
Occupation: Layabout

FC: Chad Michael Murray (2019 edition)

Everything about Percy is big, loud, friendly, boisterous: he has a way of dominating a room and dawing eyes to him. Maybe it's his size; at 6'5", he's used to be being the biggest person around, and doesn't try to hide it or cover it up, doesn't slouch or bow his shoulders or duck his head. Maybe it's his frame; broad shouldered and narrow hipped, dressed in preppy boy patterned polos and well fitted pants and expensive shoes. Maybe it's his features; attractive and friendly, square jawed and straight chinned, blue-eyed and blonde with just enough stubble along his jaw to cover up the hint of a cleft in the middle of his chin and just a hint of grey at the temples of swooping, short-cropped hair. Or maybe it's his laugh, bright and ringing, the hint of music in this voice, and the way he seems to remember everyone's name...

Percy seems to be a guy who loves being around other people -- who finds himself most at ease in a room full of people, spinning out a tale which may (or may not) be true. Everything he says is amusing, cheerful, and completely non-personal. Stories, jokes, pop culture. Never anything about himself. Never anything real.

When Percy makes a suggestion, people have a hard time resisting it.
Profiles / Keiran Greene
« Last post by Beejoux on February 06, 2020, 07:59:40 PM »
Name: Keiran Greenly
Nickname: N/A
Apparent Age: Looks to be mid twenties
Occupation: Thief

FACECLAIM: Eddie Redmayne
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 137lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Auburn
Hair Style: Shaggy a-line style; long in the front, short in the back, and perpetually messy.
Skin Color: Caucasian, mid tone, with a splotchy freckles.  Has snake bit lip piercings.
Physique: Trim and lanky.

Bristly and guarded, Keiran is quite the introvert and tends to avoid social settings or spending much time with anyone.  He seems a little on the skittish side, and those nerves manifest in snark and even aggression.  He has a hard time trusting people, and has a tendency to through up high, thick walls.  He's also very vague with any information about himself, and tends to direct conversations in different directions when they start to get too personal for him.  Or he'll give different answers for the same questions, even to the same person.  It's genuinely difficult to tell if he's lying or telling the truth.

IMPRESSIONS  Prickly personality and tends to disappear into the background and vanish altogether if it suits him. 
Profiles / Re: Devyn Maceachern
« Last post by RegalRenegade on January 31, 2020, 10:45:25 PM »
--> None just yet

--> He could do with a moral compass or guiding hand to perhaps help him to realize his worth.  Could be the beginning of something romantic or simply something as platonic as someone taking him under their wing.
--> His entire life is centered around the Lunar Crypts, but they are definitely trouble.  I envision them running plenty of illegal magical items or substances for anyone willing to pay them enough, and Dev is heavily involved.  He could easily get into trouble of any kind. (ie: arrested for someone's murder even though he didn't do it, getting caught in possession of drugs, someone attempting to get him to turn informant.  The list is endless!)
--> Fellow gang member interactions if anyone is interested.
--> More will likely be added as I go along.

Profiles / Devyn Maceachern
« Last post by RegalRenegade on January 31, 2020, 10:38:35 PM »
Name: Devyn Maceachern
Nicknames: Dev, ‘yote
Apparent Age: 23
Occupation: Prospect in the Lunar Crypt biker gang

Dev stands at approximately 5'11" tall when he isn't slouching and has all the presence of a delinquent.  More often than not his expression is bleak or uninterested which somewhat sours his otherwise youthful good looks and potential charm.  A mess of medium length dark hair that he somewhat haphazardly ties back in a half up do in conjunction with his constant 5 'o clock shadow lends to his wild and wayward appearance. His body is lean and lithe but not cut which makes him both deceptively fast and strong to those who choose to underestimate him.  He has a jagged, nasty looking scar marring the right side of his neck that, judging by his overall attitude, suggests he started a fight that he simply could not win.  He attempts to ascribe to the bad boy/tough guy persona but it still doesn't quite seem to entirely suit him if you look hard enough.

His outfit of choice is often comprised of his prized leather vest with the Lunar Crypt insignia patched onto the back, a simple t-shirt, jeans and heavy black boots meant for riding motorcycles.  It also isn't uncommon to find a grease stain somewhere on his clothes or skin.  He has pretty simple tastes all in all.
Face claim: KJ Apa

Raised in the slums of Tenderloin and rank with the scent of misguided youth, to say that Dev can be a handful is an understatement.  Although he is well out of his teenage years there are times when he behaves as though he is still going through his rebellious phase, but when faced with the senior members in the gang his attitude receives a bit of a tune up.  He was taught his place in the pecking order when he was younger and he isn't quick to forget it, the scar on his neck being a constant and glaring reminder of what happens should he decide to behave out of turn or try and jump ranks.  He is fiercely loyal to the Lunar Crypt since they are the only family he has known and the only thing giving him purpose presently.  He has been entirely steeped in their values and beliefs both good and bad but in spite of all of that he is still treated as the low man on the totem pole, almost as though he isn't really one of them regardless of his best efforts.

When he is alone however Dev takes pleasure in the simple things such as wide open spaces, sleeping out under the stars or sitting in a rotted out old lazy-boy in front of a campfire knocking back a couple of beers, listening to the crackling of the wood as it burns or the soft tones of music from a cheap radio.  It is in these uncomplicated moments that he truly begins to feel like himself and allows some of the bravado to fall away.  He is somewhat of a lost soul but he has yet to truly realize that. His past was not a happy one and while he has allowed that to shape him into who he is today, there is an undertone about him that speaks of a desire for some kind of change.

It takes time for him to trust and he isn't always the easiest to get along with, he's got plenty of broken parts but he is not entirely devoid of potential.

He gives off a wild, shifty vibe when he isn't pissing people off or irritating them with his petulant antics.  It is evident that his life hasn't been easy and that he has hardened himself to compensate for it, but there is still a kernel of something soft and warm within him that he has sealed away within the depths of what may be a fragile heart.  Only, one would have to be incredibly observant and patient to see it.  At first glance he is very easily dismissed as a trouble maker who will never amount to anything.
Profiles / Re: Det. Levi Williams
« Last post by RegalRenegade on January 31, 2020, 09:24:52 PM »
--> Levi is presently working alongside Dr. Torin Lynch to investigate a series of heinous murders executed by a seemingly non-existent perpetrator.  He has only just recently seen beyond the veil and is still processing while attempting to catch the baddie and ensure that justice is served.  Oh! And lest he forget to mention it, he has been cursed to die within a matter of days by an ancient and as of yet unknown magical artifact.
Profiles / Det. Levi Williams
« Last post by RegalRenegade on January 31, 2020, 09:10:49 PM »
Name: Levi Williams
Nickname: Captain Asshat
Apparent Age: 26
Occupation: Homicide Detective

Detective Levi Williams stands at an even 6' tall and possesses an averagely fit physique meaning he doesn't appear to be comprised of sculpted marble, but that he isn't flabby either.  His hair is short and sometimes styled if he feels up to it, otherwise it can be a bit of a chestnut colored mess atop his head at times.  He has a strong jaw that is occasionally made bristly if he forgets to shave, but an otherwise open and welcoming face.  In his opinion his smile is his best feature but it isn't ever guaranteed that you'll get the genuine article or some sarcastic variation instead.  One distinguishing feature is the scar that slices through the center of his left eyebrow, though his deep, blue eyes may be enough to detract from that.
Face Claim: Wes Brown

Levi has a hero complex, it is easy enough to identify in the way he is always throwing himself into his cases in the hopes of catching the bad guys and taking justice for the innocent victims and their families.  He is deeply empathetic though he does his best to keep it from being obvious.  If it were up to him he would save everyone and put an end to evil at any cost, but he isn't naïve enough to believe that is possible.  That aside he can be annoyingly stubborn to a fault and he often allows his pride to get the better of him.  He likes to be in the right and is a poor sport if he isn't.  On the surface he is sarcastic and tends to try and conceal his insecurities or concerns beneath quips or jokes, and not always successfully.  He is accustomed to working alone so partnering up with him can be a bit of an adjustment, especially since he can be entirely too bullheaded for his own good.

They might sense his somewhat lawful good alignment or his desperation at wanting to do the right thing.  Or they might write him off entirely as an ignorant asshole because he believes in evidence to support a claim, and thus far the magical world only exists in stories and film.  He may seem arrogant and self-centered since he is so accustomed to working solo at first glance, and maybe even like a bit of a glory hound. 
Introductions / ~Greetings~
« Last post by RegalRenegade on January 31, 2020, 08:28:37 PM »
My name is RegalRenegade but I  go by many different things. 
A few examples are Regal, Blind, & Lumi but, feel free to call me whatever comes easiest or give me a new nickname entirely.
I enjoy any and all types of RP, especially the ones that challenge me and involve deep character development and storylines. 
I am all for brainstorming and thinking outside of the box!  My brain needs the stimulation quite frankly.
I am not limited by RP length so posts can be as long or short as you see fit, I will match it to the utmost of my capabilities.
As far as my limitations go I really don't have any that I can think of.  As long as they fit in the story I am game to write them out.   
The only thing I ask is that you be patient with me if it is something I am unfamiliar with or new to.  I will ask questions and I will research so the entire burden will not be on you, and I will also be open about when I am lost or struggling. 
Thank you for taking the time to read my blurb and I look forward to the adventures to come!
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