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Profiles / Zhilan
« Last post by Beejoux on August 03, 2019, 10:32:12 AM »

Name: Zhilan
Nickname: Boss, bitch
Apparent Age: Late twenties/early thirties.
Occupation: Head of the Bái liánhuā (White Lotus) Trading Company


Height: 5'2"
Weight: 98lbs
Eye Color: Cerulean blue
Hair Color: Black and white in altering streaks
Hair Style: Long and straight with angular cut blunt bangs
Skin Color: Olive tan and pale caucasian.  She appears to have vitiligo
Physique: Very petite
Extra: Has a tattoo of a white lotus above her right breast


Any misconceptions a person could form based on Zhilan's dainty appearance disintegrate within seconds of meeting the woman.  Shrewd and domineering, Zhilan gives off the air of someone used to not only getting their way, but getting it instantly.  Not spoiled, but willing to do anything and everything to get the things she wants.  She runs her business with an iron fist, insubordination is not tolerated in any way, shape, or form.  Those that can't toe the line have a way of disappearing from the city completely. 

Vices seem to be Zhilan's one and only love.  She is almost never seen without her gold pipe in her hands and the haze of cloying smoke surrounding her.  She enjoys drinking, gambling, fucking, and makes no efforts to keep any these habits under wraps.  To some she might appear like a loose canon, but White Lotus is thriving under her ownership.

She always seems to be warm to the touch, and during spikes of anger the air around her feels heavier and harder to breath.
Profiles / Corbin
« Last post by blue on July 30, 2019, 12:33:40 PM »
Name: Corbin
Nickname: sometimes, Crow
Apparent Age: late 30s
Occupation: Healer

If he stood up straight, Corbin would be exceptionally tall: six and a half feet tall at least, with long legs and arms and a spindly frame.

But he doesn't. Instead he hunches, and bends in on himself, his form kinked and contorted, the shape of his shoulders under his clothing not quite right. The effect, combined with the prominent planes of his face, the sharp cheekbones and lean nose, the point of his chin and the length of his neck over bony clavicles, the ink black of chin length hair and the washed out grey of his eyes, is inhuman and spidery, enough to make most people uncomfortable.

He dresses all in black, close fitting everywhere but across the shoulders, where loose fabric obscures the unnatural twist of his back.

Impatience sits behind everything Corbin does. He's not cruel, exactly, but his tolerance for anything but exactly proper behavior is roughly zero. He says the right words, but his tone tends toward dry and mocking, his eyes flashing, dark brows pulled down over his eyes.

It's a funny attitude for a healer who also is always willing to put broken people back together again.

Even for a fae, his features are too sharp, his skin too pale.
Profiles / Rider Verone
« Last post by blue on July 30, 2019, 11:34:11 AM »
Name: James Rider Verone
Nickname: Rider
Apparent Age: mid-late 30s
Occupation: Wizard; acquisitions

Faceclaim: Ben Sturgess

Rider is average and chubby and not particularly memorable, with messy dark brown hair and dark eyes and a five o'clock shadow. His features are attractive but soft, the roundness of his face taking him from handsome to something a bit more forgettable. He dresses in simple business casual, collared shirts and slacks, comfortable but professional shoes.

He holds himself quietly, trying not to attract too much attention, and mostly he seems to succeed. He is not a memorable man.

Quiet and serious and incredibly earnest, Rider has the kind of personality that it's easy to trust. He's self-conscious and careful not to offend, sometimes to a fault; he holds himself inward and doesn't give much away.

He carries a lot of magic with him, often wearing a light coat even in the heat -- protection -- and rings on several of his fingers - more protection. He avoids people's eyes, mostly, and it's hard to tell if it's nerves or something else. He smells like cigarettes. He has an awful lot of very nice, expensive things.
Profiles / Quinlan Boyd
« Last post by blue on July 09, 2019, 06:26:20 PM »
Nickname: Quinlan Boyd, Quinney, Quinn, Boyd
Apparent Age: Mid twenties
Occupation: Bartender

Once upon a time, Quinney would have been defined as a 'fop' -- in modern days, this translates into a kind of "queer and proud of it!" attitude. About 5'3" and slim, he dresses in bright colors and fitted clothing; dark wash jeans, expensive shoes, rainbow or spiked belts, tight t-shirts short enough that they flash pale stomach when he raises his arms.

His hair is blond with a coppery sheen to it, smooth and straight and falling loose around his face and into eyes that are a muted sort of yellow-green. His skin is peachy cream, his mouth wide and cheerful and prone to bright smiles. He isn't beautiful, not precisely, but he is more than averagely attractive -- it's more charisma than physical, like his appearance and his graceful, easy little movements give away some inner force of being. He seems friendly, cheerful, and likeable.

Around his wrists, Quinlan wears two thick bracelets lined with iron and littered with runes.

Quinney is the epitome of upbeat youth. He seems to think of the glass as half-full, not in a naive sort of way but more with understanding that things will turn around eventually. Of course they will. They always do; he has been around long enough to recognize this.

He is also quite thoroughly a hedonist. His idea of a good life is to live in an expensive apartment, to go out to dinner every night, to go to the theater and out dancing and always be moving and exploring and interacting with other people [both intimately and otherwise]. If he were straight -- or even could pretend to be straight -- people might classify him as a 'playboy', wandering from one place to another, quite happy with his expensive things and fancy dinners and park side apartment with a gorgeous view of the water.

Yet, somehow, he keeps himself from becoming too shallow. Or too vapid, at least; he seems disinclined to enter into standard 'deep' relationships of any sort, possibly because he doesn't enjoy watching people wilt away and die around him. He'd much rather dabble than commit, exploring as much of a person's core as he can in a limited amount of time and then leaving them behind to forget him -- or not, as the case may be.

His bracelets seem to be iron; they seem heavier than they really are.
Profiles / Juniper
« Last post by blue on July 09, 2019, 10:31:15 AM »
Name: Juniper
Apparent Age: Late teens.
Occupation: No.

Slim and slight, barely five foot two, Juniper looks, acts, and dresses a bit like jailbait. His features are fine and androgynous; with a bit of work, he could easy choose to pass as a girl instead of as a young man, especially with his smooth face, his sharp nose, the heavy lashes that line his eyes. He has his brother's features but softened. Where Rowan's cheeks are sharp, his still hold a bit of baby fat. His eyes are a more muted, sea green. His hair, also fair, holds a bit of a rosy tone to it, and is cropped around his jaw to float wild like a dandelion around his face.

He has embraced human fashion, but he hasn't done it entirely successfully. This means that he mixes band t-shirts and jeans with the finer fae fabrics, layering tattered sweatshirts over intricate green clothing. He wears too many belts, too many bracelets, too many necklaces. He adores sneakers, even with formal wear. He barely even seems to bother blending in with the world around him.

The youngest son, Juniper is used to getting his way, and when he doesn't, isn't afraid to dissolve into hysterics to get it. The fine manners his brothers were taught haven't landed on him: instead, he is impetuous, demanding, casually unkind, and sometimes intentionally cruel. He has no patience.

Of course, he is still young, as his father reminds people often -- affectionately, tired. Everyone acted a bit self-centered when they were young. Just give him time, and he'll grow out of it.

Juniper wants everything around him, and when he demands it, people have a tendency to give in. He is too pretty to be human.
Profiles / Beanna
« Last post by Beejoux on July 08, 2019, 10:54:42 PM »
Name: Beanna
Nickname: -
Apparent Age: Late twenties
Occupation: Dignitary

FACECLAIM: Elizabeth Debicki
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 178lbs
Eye Color: Pale grey blue
Hair Color: White blonde
Hair Style: Waist length, with a gentle wave to it, but she almost always has it drawn back away from her face.
Skin Color: Milky pale.
Physique: Tall, lithe, modelesque. 


Initially nothing other than a slight prickling of other, but time spent in her presence can leave a person feeling on edge, restless, or even anxious.
Profiles / Pine
« Last post by blue on July 08, 2019, 09:55:53 PM »
Name: Pine
Apparent Age: Late twenties, maybe thirty.
Occupation: Ambassador

In a world of fae, Pine looks like a beast of a man: six foot four with a square jaw and slightly-curly auburn hair, heavy brows and hazel eyes. In the world of humans, he just looks like a man; muscled but not built, perhaps a bit overly pretty with a soft mouth and an appealing smile.

For a long time, he struggled to blend with the light-boned fae around him. He hid his (human, rounded) ears. He shaved often for baby-smooth skin. In recent days, however, it seems he’s moved to embrace it, in a way that’s half contrary: sporting a closely-cropped beard utterly unlike his brothers, his hair braided back in a messier style than the ornate concoctions that are so common at court.

His clothing, however, is impeccable and of the latest fashion, carefully tailored to fit him perfectly. He opts for bold greens and golds, leaning toward vine and leaf motifs in honor of his family, but with a strong military vibe.

Altogether, it leaves him looking more soldier than fae, out of place – but comfortably so.

At some point in his youth, Pine learned that some of his peers would never like or accept him. Instead of being crushed by it, he decided to view them in the same way: choosing who he likes, making friends or allies where he can and labeling the rest as enemies.

The result is a twofold nature. He knows how to speak, knows the rules of the game, and so when he misspeaks in a way that might insult, his friends know that it was intentional instead of an oversight. He insults with compliments that fall short of the expected, has a smile that can bite into people for its insincerity. False praise that falls from his lips is cold and calculating and leaves its mark. He is never rude, not directly, but he makes his displeasure known in small ways.

Pine is very physical strong, capable, but he also seems fundamentally human. Which is strange, since he's introduced as a prince of the fae.
Profiles / Fletcher Lewis
« Last post by Beejoux on July 08, 2019, 09:47:28 PM »

Name: Fletcher James Lewis
Nickname: Fletch, Thrush
Apparent Age: 25
Occupation: Composer, songwriter, musician

FACECLAIM: Machine Gun Kelly, only with red hair and freckles, and minus the expansive tattoos
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 186lbs
Eye Color: Bright sky blue
Hair Color: On the darker orange side of the ginger spectrum.
Hair Style: Buzzed short on the sides and left long on top.  Left artfully messy most often, but occasionally styled back.
Skin Color: Pale, covered in freckles from hairline to feet.  Has a tattoo on his collarbone that reads "I feel it in my bones" with a splash of blue water color behind it.
Physique: Tall and lanky with a sort of awkward grace he's not even aware of.  Not exactly fit, but not soft anywhere. 


Nothing apparent or obvious until you hear him singing in person.  Then it's a little easier to connect to the music.  The emotions conveyed a little stronger. 
Profiles / Ferris
« Last post by blue on July 03, 2019, 09:55:06 PM »
  • Name: Ferris
  • Nicknames: Ferris
  • Age and Birth Date: Looks mid-twenties, young.
  • Occupation: Rowan's bodyguard/chauffeur

About 5'10", Ferris is tall for a girl but average for a man, with an extremely neutral shape -- narrow and straight hips, no butt, flat chest, skinny arms and legs. Sharp around the jaw, Ferris's features are androgynous, sharp of jaw and narrow of mouth, with huge eyes that change color frequently in a baffling and random manner. White-gold hair might be cropped short and masculine, lending a male strength to the line of an otherwise delicate neck, or grown out in a waterfall down over skinny shoulders, leaving Ferris bafflingly soft and feminine. Skin is dark, chocolatey, unblemished.


Ferris is cold: at first near-silence, unwilling to let anyone through, which makes them ideal as a bodyguard. It's hard to bribe or get to someone who doesn't let you get close, and who doesn't much seem to *like* anyone in particular. Ferris can, however, put on whatever face he needs -- literally and emotionally -- which means that there are other personalities that they can pull out if needs be. They're a decent actor, when they need to be, so long as there's no real emotional involvement.

Ferris makes no effort to hide the shift in their features: sometimes more masculine, sometimes less, different colored hair or skin or eyes. They also never lie.
Profiles / Re: Lei Harlow Black
« Last post by Ende on June 26, 2019, 05:44:37 PM »
Lei seems to have picked up and dropped into town with little to his name, though the funds to pick up the essentials.
A google search will at least match up his name with blurry photos of a recluse whom was apparently starting to shake up the world of fashion before he was involved in an accident 2 years ago. The accident killed the driver of the car he was in, and substance abuse was implied at least for the driver.
He currently runs a podcast specializing in cryptic style stories, presenting them with a curious balance between suggesting belief and skepticism.
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