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Profiles / Cortland Yver
« on: May 25, 2019, 08:28:56 PM »
Name: Cortland Yver
Nickname: Cort
Apparent Age: Late 30s
Occupation: Personal Security

FACECLAIM: Stephen Huszar

Cortland is a giant: six-foot-five and broad shouldered, he cuts an intimidating figure based on his size alone. Add in the mane of thick silver hair (usually pulled back into a tangle of braids to his shoulders), the wide smile (which seems to have slightly too many teeth, canines a bit sharpened), and the icy pale blue of his eyes (which don’t quite seem to match the smile) and he takes on the edge of something obviously not quite human, though it may be difficult to put a finger on why. He is too much, attractive and bold, in dark clothing that makes his hair and skin all the fairer.

Brash, a bit impulsive, one might say bro-y – Cort loves food, drink, fighting, games, gambling, physical activity. He’s a big jock, and his favorite sport is soccer. Very few things make him afraid – small spaces, sometimes, and he’s not nuts for spiders – and in a way he’s an unstoppable force. If he wants something, he goes for it, for better or worse. If he likes something he says so, and loudly. If he’s bored, he leaves.

There's a feeling that he's bigger than his skin, sometimes, and the air around him might seem a bit cold. His canines are sharper than the average human's.

Profiles / SWBP: Eli Greene
« on: May 25, 2019, 08:16:57 PM »
Name: Elisha Greene
Nickname: Eli
Apparent Age: 39
Occupation: SWBP

Eli is slightly shorter than average at around 5'5", with an average build. As a cop, he had to keep in shape, and he still mostly does so -- strengthening fat to muscle while still retaining a softness around the edges. He is not cut, he is just fit.

His face is sharp, with a pointed chin and a long nose. His mouth is wry, with a narrow upper lip that leaves him looking somewhat cynical. His eyes are somewhat narrow, darkly lashed and surprisingly feminine in the strength of the rest of his face, and are a muted grey that might seem blue or green depending on the clothing he wears, and his mood. There is a faint but distinct line from his temple down one cheekbone to his jaw, jagged and light, that likely came from hitting his head.

Even in his late thirties, his once-black hair is speckled here and there with white strands, and it's much worse if he tries to grow a beard. That will generally come out mostly-grey, sparse, and unattractive. So he doesn't. He generally crops his hair around the ears, just long enough that he can tuck it back out of his face if needs be.

He always tends toward collared shirts and black slacks. Off the job, he might wear jeans, but generally does not; he'd rather something comfortable and a little wider in the leg. His shoes of choice look like loafers and feel like sneakers, in brown or black.

Something about Eli seems perpetually tired, worn out, stressed out, tense. However, despite the sunken-eyed and somewhat-lonely expression on his face, he struggles for humor. His mouth is frequently turned up into a black smile, amusement warring with desperation in the back of grey eyes, jokes and jabs coming too-quickly to his tongue. His men both love and hate him for this. He cuts them down, but it's because he knows them, cares about them, and takes the time to bother.

To strangers, however, he is all business, expression closed down and serious, a little bit too intense in a way that's intimidating, despite his small size.

He smells like metal, and something about his expression seems shuttered and dangerous. He gives high fae a prickly sensation, the way cold iron might.

Profiles / CJ Williams
« on: May 25, 2019, 08:09:15 PM »
Name: Curtis Joe Williams
Nickname: CJ, Williams
Apparent Age: 33
Occupation: PI at Courtesy Investigations

Tough, but small , CJ's only five foot two, but is largely lean muscle, broad shoulders, heavy arms and a square jaw. He is stocky but fit, strong and fierce and physical in a way that more than makes up for his size. The only thing that sets him back again is the pronounced limp on his right side.

At first meeting, he comes off unapproachable and harsh. His jaw tends to be tight, his eyebrows heavy and knitted, his mouth pressed into a tight line. His eyes are a deep, dark blue, deep set behind a nose that was once long and straight but, at some point, someone hit enough to put a flat spot in the bridge. Under the reddish line of his close-cropped beard, an old scar traces the left side of his face. His hair is dark red, curly when allowed to grow past its usual short crop around his face.

CJ is definitely not a keen dresser. His idea of formal wear is a blazer thrown on over khaki slacks. His idea of casual wear is battered jeans, a flannel shirt, and old, worn boots.

His voice has a very slight twang , an accent that has mostly been chased away, only a hint lingering.

It's hard to tell if CJ's resting bitch face is just a facade or if it goes deep to the bone. It's possible he actually just doesn't much like other people , which makes sense, in his line of work. As a PI, he sees a lot of people at their worst, often catching them in a lie or with their hand in the pot, so to speak. The result is that he's guarded, quiet and serious, ready for something to come at him. He's not warm, or friendly; his tolerance for stupidity or fucking around is very low. Largely, he wants to be left alone with his dog and his old car and his property. He takes very, very poorly to liars. He says the truth, even when it's unpleasant.

As a rule, he comes off as a bit of a hick, and fundamentally normal. Every now and then, he has a deep set kind of loneliness, something hollow and hungry. He puts it to rest with copious amount of alcohol. One night stands. Long camping trips. Occasional risky behavior.

Profiles / Rabi Mahar
« on: May 25, 2019, 06:45:31 PM »
Name: Rabi Mahar
Apparent Age: Late 20s
Occupation: College art professor

Rabi's ancestry must be something from the middle east: his skin is a smooth hazelnut color, his hair a deep brown black with a slight unnatural sheen of red through it. His features are sharp, with a straight and pointed nose, and a very wide and generous mouth that pulls into a grin full of white teeth. His eyes are a bright, inhuman amber, under thick but groomed dark eyebrows. His build is triangular, attractive -- except that he frequently has a harried, half-starved, too-skinny look about him, the shape of ribs vaguely visible under the skin, knees just a little bit knobby.

He could dress to cover it up, but instead, his style seems designed to show it off. maybe he's too skinny for the sake of fashion: those knobby knees poking out through the shredded knees of acid washed jeans, fragile wrists show through the close-fitted and worn out shirts he wears, collar bones sticking out where the necks of his sweaters have lost their shape. In the winter, some of it is hidden under the loose length of scarves, but in the summer, instead he ends up in battered t-shirts, the text on the front worn away to almost nothing.

His clothing almost looks like hand-me-downs, and maybe that's intentional. He is, after all, an artist.

Rabi has two faces: one of them comes off cheerful, flippant, sometimes a bit flighty, making friends easily, but without any real depth of feeling. The other is sharp-edged and sharper tongued, his words biting and honest and said with a smile that can make them meaner. Sometimes, these two faces crop up in the matter of one interaction, the sweetness of a compliment melting into something backhanded and sharp.

People have the impression of heat, the prickle of fire and metallic points. They get the feeling that nothing he says is real, and also the sense that he is restrained, like he wants to say more, do more, and even his biting comments are somehow less than they could be.

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