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Profiles / Ethan Flynn
« on: February 11, 2020, 01:45:08 AM »
Name: Ethan Flynn
Nickname: Gin
Apparent Age: 22
Occupation: Odd jobs, tour guide, volunteers at an animal shelter

Ethan is 5’10” and all legs, arms, and looks as if he should be all gangly awkwardness but manages to move with subtle grace around others. He has auburn red hair that looks as if it was once cut and styled but now the edges attempt to curl and it looks as if it is cut by hand to maintain it’s length. He is rather thin, as if obviously not getting enough to eat and just enough muscle as if he spends a great more deal moving than sitting around. Most of his clothes don’t help his thinness either, most are typically too big as if handed down, given, or picked up from the thrift shop.

Ethan is warm, inviting, but guarded, he knows how to chat with people, keep them entertained and feel as if they have his attention in return. He doesn’t offer anything personal up but instead will listen to other people’s problems and offer any help he can if possible or doesn’t wind him up into more trouble. At times he can be found the center of the attention, while on other occasions he can be found in the background looking either for an escape or hanging out with whatever animal is nearby. If given the option he is rather fond of being outside, or doing something that involves animals or anything that is walking versus dealing with what feels like four walls closing in.

Ethan comes across to be rather friendly, warm, and capable of being loyal but extremely wary of most.

Profiles / Tyler Hudson
« on: January 20, 2020, 09:02:26 PM »

Name: Tyler Wyatt Hudson
Nickname: Tye
Apparent Age: Early-Mid twenties
Occupation: Botany grad student

Half an inch under six feet, with the top of his hair dyed green with a dark brown naturally showing along his shaved sides, and somewhat obvious he cut it himself. He has black framed glasses paired with darker blue eyes. He has a somewhat athletic build of someone who does lifting for work and tanned skin from spending a great deal outside working with plants.

Tyler seems to be easy going, laid back as if they aren’t really concerned with any punches thrown at them, at the same time he doesn’t seem particularly close to anyone as if he learns enough to seem friendly but doesn’t offer any information or emotion in return. He seems particularly knowledgeable with flora, anything tied with nature/elements, and always seems to know what the weather is going to be like even before it comes through.

Tends to give off the impression of being calm but very distant, like a pond where you can only see the bright surface and nothing lurking underneath.

Atm he is self medicated in dealing with finding his roommate brutally murdered in their apartment. Keeps having weird dreams and has odd gaps in his memory, like ending up in places he doesn't remember going to or how he got there. Could use someone to watch him, or an investigator dealing with other deaths in the city.

Profiles / Spore
« on: January 18, 2020, 09:06:46 PM »
Name: Breen Nimh (refuses to go by)
Nickname: Spore
Apparent Age: Looks to be in the mid twenties
Occupation: Gardener/Caretaker/Black Market Plant Dealer/Drug Dealer

Very dark tanned skin, with dark flecks scattered across her skin paired with rather extremely pale grey/blue eyes that at times give off the impression of being silver or white. She has long curly pink hair that seems rather unruly and oddly enough her eyebrows match the same color as if she bothered to dye them to match. She is rather short and petite framed, but the scowl on her face says that she is likely to be stronger than she looks.

Bitter and sharp, Spore tends to easily go on the defense matched with sarcasm instead of putting on the airs of being somewhat friendly towards anyone. Most of what she does is business, and in her mind business doesn’t mean making friends, it means not getting fucked over by someone else again. She has a great affinity with plants and has the habit of cross breeding them for various reasons, including drugs, poisons, and for those plants illegal to various countries and she doesn’t give a shit care less of what people do with them after she gets paid, not her problem.

Wild as if living entirely on the edge of things without much concern for the rest of the world and consequences, there's a hint of a darkness or danger that lingers underneath.

Unseelie Dryad Appearance

Profiles / Lavi Reijonen
« on: December 27, 2019, 03:36:00 AM »
Name: Lavi Mikkel Reijonen
Nickname: Lavi, Mikkel, Mik
Apparent Age: Early/Mid thirties
Occupation: Freelance bounty hunter for SWBP

White shoulder length hair with black stripes, broad shoulders and chest and too many scars to count. His left eye is cursed and his right eye as a black sclera with light grey to almost white pupil. Rather tall standing over six feet in height.

Ex-solider/ex-merc Lavi is used to spending most of time dealing with combat or getting into situations that shit hits the fan pretty quickly leaving him to think on his feet and dragging those who can’t keep up over his shoulder. He is good about keeping promises and doing what he can to reassure the safety of those he is responsible of he is also good at being a complete ass to those he doesn’t give two shits about or those who piss him off. While emotions are not his strong suit he understands facing things head on and the need to be blunt about almost everything. Former drug problems, has kept his out of it and rather clean for years.

Something lurking beneath the surface, a little feral and threatening there.

Profiles / Crin Basarab
« on: October 05, 2019, 04:03:04 AM »
Name: Crin Basarab
Nickname: Butcher
Apparent Age: Looks 18
Occupation: Head of V.E.S Corporation

Crin only stands about 5’8”, lithe frame, with pale colored eyes with a hint of red ring and even paler skin that looks almost as if it has never seen the light of day at all. Black hair about chin length typically in a messy yet fashionable appearance. On his forehead there is a red star like symbol, to some it looks like a tattoo, to others it may shimmer of something else.

Crin is a rather vicious character, paired with a quick temper and the willfulness for destruction for his own amusement, someone to be avoided then approached on the street. He tends to view other species/races as nothing more than fodder or food and has little respect for their lives and welfare, easily letting them perish or merely murder them out of annoyance. Matched with his viciousness, Crin is rather a creative thinker, unlike others who have done whatever possible to cling to the past Crin has eagerly taken new technology and invested them into better ways to run his various interests in businesses.

Run away, do not linger near if possible.

Profiles / Torrin Lynch
« on: October 05, 2019, 03:19:46 AM »
Name: Torin Lynch
Nickname: Tor
Apparent Age: Mid-Late Twenties
Occupation: Medical Examiner

Torin stands about five feet, ten inches, pale and rather fit frame with slightly broad shoulders with a serious of blue ice like scars running along his face and body, along with darker almost like tattoo or dyed skin markings along his chest, hands, feet and so forth. Icy blue eyes and blue black hair with white along the longer ends.

Torrin is rational, despite being thrust in a world of things most wouldn't believe he tends to question for knowledge and rationalize everything he encounters with decisiveness and too much self-confidence. While he is great with things based in fact he doesn't deal great with emotions, his or others and tends to come across a bit arrogant and determined in his own skills.

A bit colder to the touch than most, seems to occasional say things or show interest in things not there to most.

Plots / cin's plots
« on: October 05, 2019, 02:30:01 AM »
IDK anymore? Surprise me.

Tyler - Botany grad  student, seems to be into camping/plants/nature anything that has to do with being outside. He seems to have a knack with the weather, and tries to avoid getting close to anyone. Atm he is self medicated in dealing with finding his roommate brutally murdered in their apartment. Keeps having weird dreams and has odd gaps in his memory, like ending up in places he doesn't remember going to or how he got there.

Lavi - Freelance bounty hunter and used to dealing with a lot of trouble. While he tends to be rather gruff on the outside, and unforgiving to those who tend to be rather high and mighty or selfish he tends to lend a hand to those who desperately need it. Sugar-coating isn’t something he does so be prepared for him to tell things bluntly if not rather rudely at times, and would rather put people back on their feet then constantly babysit them forever. Lavi tends to believe that most of the world has gone to hell but somewhere there might be a faint light of hope of something marginally decent.

Has a bit of unfortunate past in some sort of battle/war, can have a few old acquaintances that know him from his former days of war. Was someone who wouldn’t go down in a fight and known for being vicious so someone looking for payback is good too.
Previous drug problems, something to come back to bite him.

Current Plot: On a bounty trail of Faeren, a shifter accused of murder. (Regal)

Torrin Lynch - Torrin works as a SWBP medical examiner and part time necromancer, which tends to lend himself when being handed bodies with spirits still attached to them. He tends to be live by facts and has a hard time relating to other people's emotions or having to deal with things that don’t involve his realm of expertise. Necromancing is a family business, and he has spent his entire life living with things that are there and not there for most, even those who are a part of the Veil. He is one of the few people who for a steep price can get you into the World of the Dead if you are in desperate need of something. Be warned he is not sympathetic and will keep his end of the bargain by all means necessary.

Any help any co-workers may or may not need, if they want some background or information on someone’s passing.
Someone wanting someone from the underworld, or needing to clear up something in the past.

Current Plot: Aiding Detective Williams on a case involving a curse being passed and killing various people. (Regal)

Crin Basarab - Deals in black market affairs, murder, and anything else that is pretty questionable including trading people as food. He is someone who would rip his entire operation apart, kill everyone that was a part of it and raise it from the ground again. He is usually accompanied by a half cherub angel named Lucas and his cousin Avar who is a dark mage of sorts.

Crin is mostly there to fill any sort of villain role, he has no issue killing anyone out of fun or spite and tends to run or be a part of any sort of drug and human trafficking syndicates.

Avery Keane - Fae mix, terrified of most things magic due to his upbringing despite what he is. Avery has had a terrible past and while he is trying to pick himself up from it he is worried something is still out there to get him for it. Has interest in Tucker and hopes to make it last as long as he can before shit hits the fan.

Lost most of his protection spells, puts him at risk for someone who wants payback from what his father did or from what his mom has done in the past.

Rhys Ward - Undead, not entirely sure how or way but spends most of time digging up information on others and partying. He has no idea why he is a member of the undead and has only spent a few years seeing past the Veil. While he is undead, it is not a zombie, he has at least been able to rule that it is some sort of magical state where his body resets after a certain point or time and while that is great for doing things like drugs it sucks waking up places like the morgue.

Rhys is great at digging up information on others, he can be used as a plot piece in getting information for someone
He has no idea what has happened to him, why his body keeps resetting so someone with a clue, someone who can help him find out why. Maybe someone knowledgeable in artifacts or the undead.

Profiles / Elliott Fox
« on: October 05, 2019, 01:53:56 AM »
Name: Elliott Fox
Nickname: Fox
Apparent Age: Mid-Late Twenties
Occupation: Thief

Elliot is just above average height and rather slim in body size, he is rather athletic and skilled in fitting into places most wouldn’t be able to squeeze into. He has rather shoulder length messy ginger colored hair paired, slightly unshaven or goatee with piercing gold eyes that look as if they are constantly judging most around him. A tattoo wraps around his neck and a few dark scares rest along his cheek, jagged as if caused by something else entirely. He tends to wear a fox like mask whenever hitting a mark, and oddly enough it seems to give some impression of his emotion on the eyes.

Elliott is clever, too clever, he likes things that present a challenge to him, things that are inaccessible that only he can get his hands on. When he doesn’t have a job or is bored it’s obvious he tends to get restless and tends to get overly fidgety and has to find other outlets for his energy which usually involves him getting on other people’s nerves. Most of the time he has only about three emotions plastered on his face, a sly grin, anger for someone fucking his work up, and cheerful.

Sly, completely unsure if he is being truthful or telling a lie and some sort of suspects he can get away with anything no matter what.

Using in another rp/story with Regal, different world.

Profiles / Avery Keane
« on: September 13, 2019, 02:06:41 AM »
Name: Avery Keane
Nickname: None
Apparent Age: 20
Occupation: Student

Face Claim: Greg Nawrat
About 6’1” in height, athletic build from playing rugby since middle school, dark skin complexion with a deep tan from being outside for most of his time. Chin length shaggy bangs, with cmyk colors with shagging white blonde hair about shoulder length in the back typically pulled back in a messy ponytail/bun with colorful clips. He tends to wear black with bright colors, shorts and tank tops or t-shirts (he rarely dresses in nice clothes). Black framed glasses that look possibly handed down and maybe a little battered from playing with bright cyan blue eyes behind them. At times bandaids cover his face from getting in fights, various sport injuries, and just bad luck tho they seem to heal rather quickly.

Avery is perceptive, he spent a great deal on the run as a kid and has learned to adapt to noticing little details in everyone. He tends to push down his anger and emotions keeping the facade of appearing happy or unphased no matter the sort of situation he is thrown into. This is hard when he typically doesn’t want to lose in a fight or in a game but knows better than to draw too much attention to himself from outlashing. A great deal of time Avery spends telling lies, he wants to avoid letting people get to close, knowing the truth or even more so get involved into his problems.

Gives off a sense of mild discord or instability, it is stronger to those who are attuned to magic. Despite injuries, terrible haircut, and glasses he has a bit of an ethereal look to him.

Profiles / Rhys Ward
« on: September 11, 2019, 11:27:22 PM »
Name: Rhys Ward
Nickname: B173 (bite)
Apparent Age: 26
Occupation: Programer/Hacker/Information Dealer

Rhys in glamour looks pretty normal, short black hair usually combed through with fingers, the occasional black circles under his eyes, pale skin, lean (maybe a little too skinny) but tall body. He is usually found smoking or if he is out something long in thin in his mouth to substitute, such as Pocky or a pencil. Not in glamour he looks dead, very dead, purple tinge all over his skin, black lips, pink to green eyes, on the bright side he at least doesn’t smell like he is dead and rotting to pieces. Whatever magic he got himself into seems to be holding his body together fairly well.

He also sports a dumb tattoo under his right bicep that says stay bad ass, he doesn’t remember when he got or how he just makes up a story everytime someone asks about it.

Rhys has little care in the world, considering he is technically dead he really tends to float his way around in doing whatever he wants to do. He doesn’t seem to have much of a filter on his mouth and is comfortable picking up new friends or people and ditching them for something more entertaining when the occasion calls for it. The only thing that does seem to catch his eye are puzzles, secrets and even more so figuring out how to get his hands on information that people don’t want him or anyone else to know. Deeper and darker the secret is the more he wants to know what it is and will attempt to do whatever it takes to get his hands on it.

Laid back, rather easygoing no matter the situation, tends to do whatever the fuck he wants.

Profiles / Sidney Laurent Girard
« on: May 27, 2019, 02:29:50 PM »
Name: Sidney Laurent Girard
Nickname: Sid
Apparent Age: 33
Occupation: Former Assassin

FACECLAIM: Niclas Gillis
Brown hair, blue eyes and somewhat pale skin Sid looks younger than his age but it may be due to only being half human he isn’t entirely sure. He tends to wear non-descript clothes for the most part playing a role in blending in to most crowds when he needs to.

Sid is a bit of a con artist, he has no issue lying to your face with a smile while taking a moment to pickpocket you while you're captivated. There are a bit of a trust problem when it comes to having to depend on others let alone telling the complete and full truth even when threatened or force to. Has the tendency of never doing anything for free and will do what he can to get something that will benefit him in the end of it regardless if it’s some sort of valuable or even something only a little worthwhile to him. In the end he means sort of well, he won’t really leave you hanging if he thinks you might die or be maimed too badly.

Sid doesn’t do responsibility, he's spent a great deal of his life avoiding it and spent too much time bouncing from one place to the next without being trapped down. If anything he is great at running away, and only fighting when he finds himself cornered and no other option in escaping.

Positive Traits: Negative
Negative Traits: Narcissistic, Deceiver

Charming and unassuming, seems to say things that most want to hear but some suspicions that his real thoughts are tucked away.

Profiles / Noah Mason Reed
« on: May 27, 2019, 02:22:30 PM »
Name: Noah Mason Reed
Nickname: Mason (hates the name Noah)
Apparent Age: Looks 25
Occupation: Magical odd jobs man, consulting witch, antique store clerk

FACECLAIM: Stephen James
Mason looks his age, maybe if not a bit older after too many long nights of work and too many drinks. He has a bit of tan from spending days outside though most of it is hidden under multiple tattoos that extend from the neck down to his wrist and ankles that are a dark purple to black in color. There is a third eye that resides on his forehead with quite a nosy personality when it is allowed to see. All three eyes are a pale shade of grey that are offset by jet black, almost blue toned hair that is typically kept short with an undercut. Even clean he still has a bit of mischievous, wild look from being lean and physically fit as if he spends more time moving, even fidgeting and less time sitting still for too long. Typically he dresses in fitted jeans, button shirt and vest with a pair of comfortable but nice looking shoes.

Mason has improved some of his social skills since childhood, he can put on friendly enough airs to meet people, chat, charm them enough to at least be seemingly normal without being too brash. He still has a sharp temper, can be bit of an ass when it comes to saying things that he probably should keep shut, and has a little too much pride then he needs to when it comes to his own skills. There is the tendency to give help and trust those who are need, and the willingness to give them anything but has a problem asking for help in return. Unlike his sister Vivi, Mason has a terrible habit of always willing to help those in magical trouble and not always getting paid in return. His sister considers him too much of a bleeding heart and it will bite him in the ass or either kill him when he least expects it.
Positive Traits: Brave, Emphatic
Negative Traits: Brash, Prideful

Friendly enough but seems to keep most at arms length or beyond, something seems to lingering underneath.

Profiles / Zafir Rajah Inanna
« on: May 27, 2019, 02:08:44 PM »
Name: Zafir Rajah Inanna
Nickname: Zaf, His Majesty
Apparent Age: Looks 27
Occupation: Club/Bar Owner

FACECLAIM: Mohamed Medhat, Youssef Sawmah
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 127 pounds
Eye Colour: Seablue Green
Hair Colour: Lilac
Hair Style: long, either braided, loose or up in an elegant look
Skin Color: Dark tanned skin
Human Body Physique: Lean, looks rather fit and in shape with a small frame.
Human Scars, Notable Features, Etc: None in human form
Scars, Notable Features, Etc: Tattoos that match his eye color, and scars along his back, chest down his legs, anything that can be hidden under most clothes.

Zafir exudes self-confidence, vanity, and all the charm a demon whose family is in charge of things such a lust and desire should have. Despite being rather shorter in height and all around smaller than his older siblings he is quite suited in his never eventually role of becoming a king of western hell. Instead he would rather enjoy his life continuously, rather overindulging in things he prefers to do in his life and avoiding things that would make him upset or angry in anyway and if it came down to fight or flight he is definitely first to flight if it suits him. He has spent a great deal of his life running from his brothers, not wanting to be killed or be held responsible becoming a ruler of the Western realm. Despite being rather fond of spoiling himself he does have some care for others around him, he tends to pour money into helping them not being concerned on how much he spends. Zafir has a habit of following rules and laws despite all the poor treatment and disobedience shown towards him.
Positive Traits: Confidant, Conscientious
Negative Traits: Narcissistic, Hedonistic, Brash

Seemingly massive flirt and charmer despite some hint of far away loneliness and cautiousness in trusting others.

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