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Profiles / Yvonne Relkshire
« on: July 26, 2020, 10:42:42 AM »
Name: Yvonne Relkshire
Nickname: Evie
Apparent Age: 24 (2400)
Occupation: Apothecary / Mercenary

Yvonne’s honeybrown eyes are set on a bronze, heart shaped face; above a roman nose and below russet brows. Thick, wavy locks of copper are put half-up in a milkmaid’s braid, hiding her elongated, pointy ears. Thin lips are often painted a ruddy red, matching her eyeshadow.
Evie sports a notably ‘hipster grunge’ fashion sense, preferring plaid tops cutting off just below her narrow ribcage, lifting her Barely B’s. Full hips and thighs stretch the fabric of her distressed black or grey high rise denim, be they jeans or shorts paired with opaque tights, and sometimes sport a skater skirt. Her shoes of choice are Doc. Martens classic black leather boots with yellow piping and laces. When working, Yvonne dons a loose shirt and pair of beige coveralls.
Yvonne stands at a notable, at least among humans,  5’10”. She’s the shortest on her mother’s side of the family, though. The Half Elf’s career of hauling heavy stone cauldrons, mortars, pestles, and crates of soil have left her with toned arms and shoulders, and her  vegetarian diet combined with a love of rock climbing has left the woman fit and trim.


Summer bonfires and sun baked sands. Musk, damp soil, and swamp water. White-hot ambition, gold coins and ruby hilt daggers, and bubbling cauldrons. A waning moon, a cracked hourglass, a beautiful sword in its sheath. These are the things the Fortune Tellers have seen in their crystal balls with Evie as their client.
Evie carries herself in complete confidence when at rest, but is constantly rushing when on the move. She asks total strangers personal, sometimes invasive questions, giving her an air of suspicion. Burn scars and cuts along her hands and forearms will inevitably be seen by anyone who pays attention, since Evie practically talks with her hands.

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