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Title: Naurus
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Name: Naurus
Nickname: Naurus
Apparent Age: late twenties, early 30s

Flashiness is a choice, and Naurus leans into it hard. At a first glance, most likely people will be distracted by the impossibly tight leather pants, the clunk of heavy boots, thin t-shirts that hang wide at the neck to show off a flash of sharp collarbones and a stack of necklaces, the rattle of more jewelry around his wrists and hands. His skin is brown and smooth and even; his hair is long and dark and shiny and often bound back into a braid down his spine. His eyes -- well, it's hard to say since he's always wearing a pair of oversized reflective sunglasses. Always.

All of it is meant to keep people from looking too hard at the rest of him, which is sharp-edged and attractive in an androgynous kind of way. His nose is pointed, his mouth is pouty and full, his jaw line maybe a bit narrower than people would call ideal. And he's small, only about five foot five with skinny limbs and a long neck, but somehow his style manages to make up for his lack of height.

Loud as his style is, that's the rest of Naurus as well. He's self-centered and confident and it's hard to tell if his confidence is real -- bulletproof -- or if it's a facade over a fragile ego. He's aggressively flirtatious with just about everyone he meets, and this also is hard to read, but it seems like it's flirtatious with intent. He's up for just about anything, anything, but he seems especially interested in dancing, in fashion, in swimming, motorcycles, cars. He likes things that are loud.

He absolutely never takes the sunglasses off. Despite his small size, he can seem heavy. Magic doesn't seem to settle on him right; instead it gets swallowed and disappears.
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