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Title: Tearmann - The City
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Tearmann is an old city: founded early into America's birth on the southeast coastline, the river that cut through its north end set it up as a perfect port city and lead to its thriving economy and accounts for its longevity. Even centuries later, it holds the skeleton of the city that once was; live oak lined roads, brick houses and cobblestone sidewalks, wrought iron fences and balconies, Victorian homes painted in soft pastels. Downtown, the new disappears into the old, modern businesses behind historic fronts.

As you get further from the river, however, the shape of the city begins to change. Where the rules and regulations that preserve the history of the city are loosened, skyscrapers and apartment complexes and sleek, modern glass buildings begin to take over. A second downtown spring sup and this one is dirtier, less scenic. Here are the commercial complexes, the strip malls, the gas stations and office complexes. Here, the hundred-and-more year-old trees are replaced with sparser, more manicured shrubs, the wild greenery replaced with concrete.
Title: The Veil
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Founded by the Irish in the early eighteenth century, somehow Tearmann avoided the puritanical madness that overtook most of the colonies. Perhaps this is because its people so enjoyed a good party, a good drink, or a good meal -- or perhaps this is because of the things that helped turn the city into what it is today.

Because there were monsters that helped settle the city of Tearmann.

If the settlers were aware of them, there's no record in any book, and in the modern city, the average person seems completely unaware of their influence. There is a veil that separates their world from the human, a shadow that covers the city and keeps humans from noticing the strange things that walk among them. This veil hides a second city below the surface of Tearmann, and this hidden world is called the Sidewise.

Sometimes, out of the corner of their eye, humans will catch a glimpse of something strange. A shadow that's too long, an alley that they've never spotted before, the sharp point of a stranger's ears. But unless they've been inducted -- unless they know it's there, unless they've been inducted into its secrets -- the veil keeps the supernatural separate, and keeps the mundane from entering into the Sidewise.
Title: The Sidewise
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Once the veil has been parted, however, there's a second city simmering under the surface of Tearmann. Here there are monsters; there are magicians; there are secret shops and black markets. There are night clubs that serve mystical drinks, restaurants that turn dinners into incredible performances. There are communities of cults living hidden among the average human beings. Perhaps your barista has a talent for heat, and that's why your coffee is always hot; maybe your bartender is a vampire, and that's why they're always happy to work the night shift; maybe your lawyer has a dollop of fae blood, which makes them an expert at contracts. You just never noticed because you didn't want to notice. You dismissed that vision at the corner of your eye as fantasy.

It was fantasy, of course. But in Tearmann, fantasy is real.
Title: City Districts
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Riverfront - The downtown/distoric district.

Business District - Skyscrapers and office space

University District - hipsters and college students

Tenderloin - outskirts, sketchy, with low income housing and artists

Industrial District - to the south east, across the river.

Tideland - A bit outside of the city bounds, where old plantation houses have turned into expensive mansions.

Beach - 20-30 minutes, outside of Tearmann proper, but close enough for a day trip.