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Title: Ever
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Nickname: Ever
Apparent Age: He looks over 18. Maybe. He definitely has an ID that says he's 21.
Occupation: Mooch

His features are sharp and hawkish, his nose about a size and a half too large for his face, with a bend in the bridge from where it was broken once and never properly set. His eyes are somewhat narrow, almond-shaped, and dark enough to be nearly black. His mouth is slightly too-big for his mouth and usually pulled into a grin. Around his face floats a mess of snowy white hair, in a home-done haircut that is short to his head, wild and spiky. His hair is very fine.

His clothing is second-hand and worn out, in a variety of styles, but usually black and white with very little color mixed in. His boots are an ancient pair of black Doc Martins that, at this point, are largely held together with duct tape. He always wears a slim silver lightning bolt pendant on a long, black, ratty cord around his neck, though it might be tucked into his shirt.

Ever's nose -- the bend in the bridge, the way he tips his head slightly to look down it -- says a lot about him in one single glance. Combined with the sliding-sideways mockery of his pinched smile, the deep shadows under his eyes, his inability to just keep his mouth shut when he should keep his mouth shut, the overall effect is that of someone who most people want to punch.

And a lot of people have.

It's the look of a home-schooled Christian boy who went from raising goats in the back property of his parents' Montana home to finding his own way on the streets of a big city with no money and no sense of self. The attitude of a small-town kid trying to act like he's bigger than he is, and knows more than he does.

In general, it works: people remember him for his big mouth and his apparent inability to take anything seriously. They remember him for short-lived relationships, a week spent on someone's couch, for drinking too much and being an asshole that one time at a friend's party, and then spouting Sartre [inappropriately] at the top of his lungs. None of it is flattering, but at the very least it's a way for him to shape his own image to those around him.

The surface motives are remarkably simple. It's what's underneath that becomes more complex. A desire to be noticed and accepted fuels his often-too-loud personality [he's impossible to ignore]. Fear of commitment is the true cause for his inappropriate outbursts [the perfect way to drive people away again, before they can hurt him]. And, in the end, his efforts to manipulate the people around him stem from one basic, fatal flaw -- which is just how easy it is to manipulate Ever.

His skin is too cold, and his heartbeat hard to find. His eyes never quite seem to focus on anything properly. Despite his slim frame, his handshake packs a surprising strength.
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