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Title: Ethan Flynn
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Name: Ethan Flynn
Nickname: Gin
Apparent Age: 22
Occupation: Odd jobs, tour guide, volunteers at an animal shelter

Ethan is 5’10” and all legs, arms, and looks as if he should be all gangly awkwardness but manages to move with subtle grace around others. He has auburn red hair that looks as if it was once cut and styled but now the edges attempt to curl and it looks as if it is cut by hand to maintain it’s length. He is rather thin, as if obviously not getting enough to eat and just enough muscle as if he spends a great more deal moving than sitting around. Most of his clothes don’t help his thinness either, most are typically too big as if handed down, given, or picked up from the thrift shop.

Ethan is warm, inviting, but guarded, he knows how to chat with people, keep them entertained and feel as if they have his attention in return. He doesn’t offer anything personal up but instead will listen to other people’s problems and offer any help he can if possible or doesn’t wind him up into more trouble. At times he can be found the center of the attention, while on other occasions he can be found in the background looking either for an escape or hanging out with whatever animal is nearby. If given the option he is rather fond of being outside, or doing something that involves animals or anything that is walking versus dealing with what feels like four walls closing in.

Ethan comes across to be rather friendly, warm, and capable of being loyal but extremely wary of most.
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