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Title: Det. Levi Williams
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Name: Levi Williams
Nickname: Captain Asshat
Apparent Age: 26
Occupation: Homicide Detective

Detective Levi Williams stands at an even 6' tall and possesses an averagely fit physique meaning he doesn't appear to be comprised of sculpted marble, but that he isn't flabby either.  His hair is short and sometimes styled if he feels up to it, otherwise it can be a bit of a chestnut colored mess atop his head at times.  He has a strong jaw that is occasionally made bristly if he forgets to shave, but an otherwise open and welcoming face.  In his opinion his smile is his best feature but it isn't ever guaranteed that you'll get the genuine article or some sarcastic variation instead.  One distinguishing feature is the scar that slices through the center of his left eyebrow, though his deep, blue eyes may be enough to detract from that.
Face Claim: Wes Brown (

Levi has a hero complex, it is easy enough to identify in the way he is always throwing himself into his cases in the hopes of catching the bad guys and taking justice for the innocent victims and their families.  He is deeply empathetic though he does his best to keep it from being obvious.  If it were up to him he would save everyone and put an end to evil at any cost, but he isn't na├»ve enough to believe that is possible.  That aside he can be annoyingly stubborn to a fault and he often allows his pride to get the better of him.  He likes to be in the right and is a poor sport if he isn't.  On the surface he is sarcastic and tends to try and conceal his insecurities or concerns beneath quips or jokes, and not always successfully.  He is accustomed to working alone so partnering up with him can be a bit of an adjustment, especially since he can be entirely too bullheaded for his own good.

They might sense his somewhat lawful good alignment or his desperation at wanting to do the right thing.  Or they might write him off entirely as an ignorant asshole because he believes in evidence to support a claim, and thus far the magical world only exists in stories and film.  He may seem arrogant and self-centered since he is so accustomed to working solo at first glance, and maybe even like a bit of a glory hound. 
Title: Re: Det. Levi Williams
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--> Levi is presently working alongside Dr. Torin Lynch ( to investigate a series of heinous murders executed by a seemingly non-existent perpetrator.  He has only just recently seen beyond the veil and is still processing while attempting to catch the baddie and ensure that justice is served.  Oh! And lest he forget to mention it, he has been cursed to die within a matter of days by an ancient and as of yet unknown magical artifact.